Strange Bedfellows Agree “Fracking” Can Be Good

You wouldn’t think Michael “No Big Gulps in My Town” Bloomberg, the mayor of New York, and energy billionaire George P. Mitchell would agree on much of anything. But when it comes to “fracking” for natural gas, they do agree. Bloomberg and Mitchell, the Texan who pioneered the horizontal-drilling techniques that have made exploiting the Barnett Shale possible, agreed today in a Washington Post opinion piece that fracking can be a good thing. If, they stress, “reasoned decisions” can be made to do it responsibly.


  • Brown Bess

    So no posts over the last two years of battling over what is “safe fracking” in Dallas. No posts on the city’s gas drilling task force, or the sudden 180 it did at its last meeting without public input. No posts on whether fracking in parks and between the levees is a good idea. No posts on whether fracking should at least have the buffer zones of strip clubs. No posts on how fracking might be contributing to Big D’s chronic smog problem. No posts on the five very specific recommendations for fracking in Dallas endorsed by the city’s largest neighborhood associations and environmental groups. But finally, a post on an op-ed on fracking that brings two wealthy white guys together at last because of their mutual self-interests. Good to know you’re following the fight.

  • Re: Brown Bess, if you type “fracking” into that search box in the top right corner of this website, you’ll see that Frontburner reports on fracking regularly.

    And what is the buffer zone at strip clubs? I keep getting mixed messages.

  • Avid Reader

    @Brown Bess, Since you comment on just about every post related to fracking; you are fully aware that Frontburner has posted numerous items on the subject.

  • Brown Bess

    You know, I did take a look at ALL those posts y’all have on fracking – and not one of them is about any of the DALLAS CITY COUNCIL actions that I said were MIA from your coverage. IMHO, you’ve done a crappy job of following the local DALLAS fight over fracking – instead substituting posts like this one on Mitchell and Bloomburg that have a national take. You missed another chance this last week when a new study came out of Houston and said fracking is making DFW smog worse – a charge sustained by monitors in the area over the last several years. This publication used to give a damn about people who were getting shat on by companies for no good reason other than they didn’t have the money or influence to fight back. Wick, are you on vacation?