• Fletch

    Meh…I’d much rather have a nice house with a wraparound porch sitting on about 5 acres somewhere down in the Hill Country.

  • Mayza

    saw this on Candy’s Dirt in March

  • Mandinka

    All of the rooms are long and narrow! There are no large rooms; they all feel cramped.

  • Daniel

    Look at what you get indeed: A series of contiguous corridors, each with its own built-in television, and a pretentiously appointed terrace surrounded by other people’s windows. Admitttedly, the views are nice. But for $14M, you could view something a lot nicer than Dallas.

  • Pat

    Daniel is right, but keep in mind that if one is willing to blow $14M on a high-rise penthouse in a non-NY/Chi/SF, its most likely because they’re either (a) hilariously wealthy or (b) a true believer in Dallas. After this week’s lack-of-jobs cover story, we should welcome both types–anybody bringing new money into the city or spending their existing money here is an asset.

  • Steve

    Nice…..but nothing you can’t find in 50 other cities across the US…more or less. Same ole.. Same ole…same ole! Got anything different?? More warmth and perhaps a little less….pretentiousness! It feels so 2006!