• whocares

    Who is this and why does anyone want to see a video of someone getting arrested?

  • Courtney

    Why would you post this? Not cool

  • Avid Reader

    Thank you for posting as I don’t go to TMZ and like to be updated on local shenanigans.
    @whocares, This is Rhonda Aikman trying to use her ex-husband Troy (the famous Cowboys quarterback) Aikman’s name to get out of breaking the law.

  • Sybil’ Beaver

    why would she think this would hurt Troy? They are divorced now.

    @Courtney, because it news about a prominent Dallas figures ex wife trying to use his name to avoid being arrested

  • lm

    Painful and sad. I shouldn’t have watched. I wish you hadn’t given me the opportunity. I need a shower.

  • Jan

    Please leave this woman alone. Allow her some privacy and her dignity.

  • Mike

    I can see why he dumped her.

  • D

    I feel sorry for her. I mean how many times have you been so drunk early in the afternoon that you get arrested? Look in the mirror people. Cast the first stone.

    To be serious, I want to hang out with her. She is very hot and will drink in the morning. She may be the perfect woman.

  • Scott

    @Jan – it’s too late. She gave that opportunity away herself.

  • Kyle Rovinsky

    I have been so drunk early in the afternoon that I should be arrested many, many, many, many times

  • What are the odds. A few days ago, one afternoon, I was drunk out of my mind on Patron XO Cafe (thanks Tim). The police officer arrived at the McDonald’s playground and climbed into the tube tower where I was hiding. Once he dragged me out of the children’s area, I just started crying and yelling: “Why are you doing this?! Are you trying to hurt Troy Aikman? Are you? Because that’s what’s going to happen! You’re going to hurt Troy!” He let me go with a warning.

    True story.

  • Chris

    Morning stiff drink? Was this part of her reality TV show pilot?

  • Mayza

    Not cool to post

  • JimS

    This is why cops hate working in affluent white areas. Nobody can take their medicine without first saying, “Do you know who I am?” and then blubbering. Well, Tim wouldn’t do that. But other white people. World’s blubberiest race of people.

    • @JimS: I got a DWI in 1996. It wasn’t pretty. But I can assure you that I didn’t cry or mention Troy.

  • Dixie

    Who is this Michael she speaks of? And what a shame. I feel badly for her kids. I hope she gets sober for good and can be a good mother to them. She can’t be if she’s all drunked up like that.

  • Chris

    why is this “not cool to post”? It’s on, a site that gets hundreds of thousands hits a day, do you think everyone in DFW doesn’t know it exist? Oh, and BTW, it will be on the TMZ TV SHOW also, but no one watches TV in Dallas, right?

  • CollinBabs

    I would expect the child custody terms to be revisited after this.

  • Eric

    She sounded quite a bit less than drunk. But MADD has forced the line down to .08 – a level that puts rum cake bakers at risk for “over-serving”.
    If the coppers breathalized everyone coming out of (fill in your favorite restaurant/bar) on a Friday night at 9pm, half would go to jail under the current law.
    But where are the cops at 3am on Central Expressway Sunday mornings when I am on the way to the duck blind? I use the extreme right lane as I go south because of the several cars in the left lane going 90mph.