New Downtown Parking Meters Greet You With a Wink

parkingOn my walk into work this morning, I noticed that all the parking meters along Ross in front of the DMA have been removed. In their place, I found this playful parking station, which accepts bills and credit cards. To me, the kiosk looks like it is wearing a winking face, where the “take receipt” slot is a nose, and the yellow coin slot is the closed eye. That “coin return” slot? Looks to me like a Cindy Crawford-style upper-lip mole.

One potential beef with this new system: you’re supposed to park, take note of your numbered spot, then punch that number in when you pay. But the numbers I found on the curb this morning, like the numeral 3, pictured, were stickers. I hope that’s not the final design, because those will quickly go missing, and folks will be confused about which spot they should pay for. This is the can-do city of Dallas. Surely a better solution is in the works, and those decals are just temporary.


  • Mike

    How stupid. Most places like Seattle and Austin print out a receipt that you put on your dash or stick on the inside of your window. Number don’t matter then. But someone’s brother-in-law probably owns a numbering company and he needs his cut.

  • Vseslav Botkin

    Yeah, assigned spots is inefficient. What if several compact cars park along the curb? You’re probably losing at least a space or two, since few cars will take up and entire numbered segment. Also, this doesn’t allow someone to use leftover time at another spot if they’re running a couple errands. Like Mike said, dashboard receipts are the way to go.

  • Z

    The numbering saves me the walk back to my car (assuming that each block has one kiosk). But I agree, permanent numbers are probably on their way.

  • Veletta Forsythe Lill

    Tim- this is a 30 day test. The city is testing in the Arts District and Main St.

  • Anon

    The stickers have two downsides:
    1 – I have to walk back to my car and put the sticker inside the windshield.
    2 – sticker litter

  • @Veletta Forsythe Lill: Thanks for the intel. I hope those stickers don’t give you bad data. Interestingly, I see no cars parked on Ross right now, in those test spots. Could be the rain. But it could also be that it will take people awhile to realize, without the traditional parking meters, that they can park there.

  • Vseslav Botkin

    @anon The stickers are no more litter than the receipts.

    @anon & @Z Usually there are a couple kiosks per block in cities that use dashboard stickers. Walking a fraction of a block back to one’s car isn’t that bad. Numbered spots and the corresponding potential for wasted parking space seems much more inefficient.

  • Too Funny

    I heard they were stickers and looked at them on my walk to lunch and they are not. I tried to pull it off and all I can say is good luck with that.

  • BB

    I also noticed they don’t have any signs that say when the meters are in effect. (7am-6pm). I think this will make it very confusing for people.