• Jackson

    “One presumes there is more than one eager young lass in this town who is not saddened by the news.”

    Or laddie, either.

  • Charm Offensive

    Headline: “Willa Ford and Husband to Divorce”.

    Huh?? I know I’m wearing my Stars hat here, but is Amanda really so famous as to relegate #9 to no-name status?

  • Arec Barrwin

    No more hockey career / lack of spotlight + Ford’s appearances on Magic City & Leverage = Modano not helping her career.

    Prediction: Ford will move to LA soon, followed by her dating someone her agent sets up for her to enhance brand

  • @Charm Offensive: I thought that was strange, too.

  • Mike

    Shocked. Shocked I tell you. And I strongly suspect Mike was not planning to divorce her until recently.

  • Debbie

    Eactly what you said “Charm Offensive”. Obviously, that people writer is NOT from Dallas. In this part of the world, it’s Mike Modano & wife to divorce. Amanda becomes a footnote in Mike’s biography. In our world, he’s #1 AND a silver medalist (Olympic fever).

  • Avid Reader

    She hasn’t “lived” in Dallas for quite a while and this was a long time coming.

  • D. Shapiro

    Wish my wife lived across the country. Oh, that’s right, she does. And she cleaned her wedding ring today! Winning.

  • CollinBabs

    I thought something was up when a photo of Mike and another woman was published recently with a caption calling her his “girlfriend.” She was a cute brunette and definitely not Willa!

  • marisa

    Who is Willa? She has been MIA for sometime. In Dallas Mike is the Star !

  • Horatio

    Maybe he got tired of her porn star tattoo.

  • Seven