Mark Cuban: ‘No Chance’ Of Retiring Jason Kidd’s Number

As my internet pal Trey Kerby points out here, since Jason Kidd played better in New Jersey and Phoenix, it was and is more likely he’d get his digits in the rafters elsewhere. But, yes, Mark Cuban did go on the record as saying he’s not doing that here, and it all stems from the way J-Kidd left town this summer.

Which brings us to my favorite pointless sports debate: which current/recent Mavs will get their numbers retired? Dirk Nowitzki’s No. 41 is a no-brainer. Other than that? I’d argue that, despite his new ridiculous Celtics tattoo (total JET move), Jason Terry’s No. 31 has a decent shot. (I mean, 31 will always mean swagger aficionado Nick Van Exel to me, but I doubt that’s getting it done.) And maybe Michael Finley’s No. 4 at some point, since he’s back with the team in some capacity. (The championship with San Antonio might have scotched that idea permanently, but I think the Mavs having a banner puts it back on the table, but, like, right at the edge, kind of teetering, sort of making the host uncomfortably eye it.) Really, that’s probably it. Everyone else is known better elsewhere or wasn’t here long enough or whatever.

As for Mavs from the past, I renew my request for Mark Aguirre’s No. 24, Derek Harper’s No. 12, and [JIM SPANARKEL JOKE GOES HERE].


  • Long Memory

    Uwe Blab? Anyone? (crickets)

  • Jessica

    Nothing for Shawn Bradley? The white Shaq??

  • Senor

    If Brad Davis’ number was retired (and it was), I’m thinking lots of guys need to be considered.

  • JS

    Dirk, no question.
    Fin, absolutely. It’s not his fault that the Mavs amnestied him.
    Jet, no way.
    JKidd, not a chance.
    Trix, maybe but I doubt it.
    A ceremonial banner to honor all the Great White Stiffs (Bradley, Van Horn, LaFrentz, Podkolzin, Anstey ,Meyer, Blab, Croshere, Rigaudeau, Eschmeyer, Fazekas, Laettner, Parks,, Montross, Dreiling, Sundov, etc.) that have played for the Mavs also is a must.

  • Derek Harper’s No. 12 is a given. I would even wager that it’ll happen before Cuban gets around to retiring newer players (such as Dirk). I emailed Cuban a year ago on the topic of retiring Harper’s jersey. He replied, as he has been known to do, and he agreed with me (or I agreed with him). Harper, more than Aguirre, has shown tremendous long-term loyalty to the franchise–even beyond his many, many years playing as a Mav. This is where JET and Kidd fall short. JET wants his jersey retired. And yes, he did a lot for our franchise. However, he hasn’t put in nearly the same amount of dedication as Harper, Ro, Davis, and of course Dirk. Greatness is not enough. I’m also guessing Harper will be the last of the ’80s Mavs to get his number in the rafters. You can’t retire too many. For instance, the Lakers have 17 championships and 7 retired jerseys. I think we need to save a little room for the future.

  • Helen Lovejoy

    Once again, I make my request for “Generic Big White Guy – 1980-2005”