Man With AK-47 Arrested in Downtown Dallas

Nobody tell my mother, OK?  She already thinks I get mugged two or three times a week because I work in big, bad downtown Dallas. From the DMN:

Dallas police this morning arrested a Richardson man walking through downtown with a loaded AK-47.

Johnson Nguyen, 21, was taken into custody shortly after 3 a.m. when witnesses called police saying that he was pointing the assault rifle into the air near Field and Main streets.


  • Mo Roney

    I hate to say it, but is that illegal?

  • Great question Mo. Let’s break that question down. All we know from the story is a man was simply walking down the street in downtown Dallas pointing an assault weapon that was loaded, up in the air at 3:00 AM.
    There are a few situations that are possible here. (Note to my statistics profesor). A) The man has a license to carry the weapon or B) he doesn’t. In both scenerios, if I’m just Joe Q. Public, I’m concerned for my safety.

    Let me sidetrack for just a second. Let’s say I walk into a shopping mall with a sack full of rattlesnakes, and turn them lose. If you are there in the mall Mo, would you be concerned?

    Back to the man with a gun scenerio: Was he drunk? Is he deranged? See? We don’t know, and for our own public safety, we aren’t going to ask, just in case either of those scenerios are valid. So what do we do? We call the police and let those brave souls figure all that out. NOw back to your question Mo: Was that illegal?
    It depends….but aren’t we all glad that he is at least off the street?????

  • Sybil’ Beaver

    all you need to know about why this is an arrestable offense

    sec 42.01 Disorderly conduct

    (10) displays a firearm or other deadly weapon in a public place in a manner calculated to alarm

  • ELH

    According to the police report he was charged with disorderly conduct, behaving in a way that causes others to feel threatened while carrying a weapon meets the definition under law. He was also in possession of cocaine, also illegal.

  • I think it’s important for government to get off people’s backs.

  • RandomRyan

    It is illegal to carry an automatic weapon, regardless of CHL. That, is all you need to know.

  • TheKid


    Where does it say it was automatic? In fact, DMN says it was semi-automatic. Also, a Concealed HANDGUN License is not required to carry a rifle. Sybil has it right. Class B misdemeanor, whereas the cocaine possession is at least a State Jail felony.

  • RandomRyan

    My apology.

  • TheKid

    I apologize, too. I just prefer guns to be correctly labeled. In fact, I can’t stand the term “assault rifle.”

  • PeterK

    was it an actual AK-47 or a semi-auto that folks think looked like an AK-47

    ‘t is illegal to carry an automatic weapon,” not if you have a federal license to own one

  • rael real

    surprisingly informed and rational comments here! we still have a right to bear arms and should exercise it otherwise lose it comepletely. most idiots dont know semi-auto from a bolt-action and any hammer can be labeled an “assault weapon”; that’s just what unarmed-people call guns. the most recent case-law determined that 2nd A guarentees right to bear arms that may be used by a modern-militia to resist a tyrannical govt, and we all know what a militia is right? that’s all of us! that being said, if the rifle bearer risked not knowing his rights and asserting them, well (“i do not consent to search”)… the open-carry movement is helping; too many dont know jack about their rights! check out …live free or die!

  • Mono-No-Aware

    This is wrong. Never should’ve been called in, never should’ve been an issue, and any marks on his record rest on others conscience. The rampant criminalization of EVERYTHING is so out of control. Forget Nanny State ala Britain, we’re narcin’ each other out like *. *****. And this is supposed to be Texas, where we manage our guns-keep on like kids and soon they’ll be gone.

    And yeah, still betting it was white people who called it in. I’m white-wasn’t my choice!-but really, my people. Really.