Leading Off (8/31/12)

Dallas In Dumps Over Landfill Audit. In addition to that controversy over the presentation of a master plan for the city’s solid waste disposal, an audit of the McCommas Bluff Landfill revealing that city may have lost around $1.1 million apparently also may have factored in to City Manager Mary Suhm’s decision to demote former sanitation director Mary Nix.

Aerial Spraying May Have Reduced Mosquito Population. Officials are saying the campaign may have cut the mosquito population by as much as 93 percent. Tell that to my ankles, which became a movable feast two nights ago when I went out to pick tomatoes from my garden – after an application of Off, too.

Royse City Populated in Part By Very Weird Men. Listen, that’s all I can assume when a story about how men have been going around exposing themselves to women, harassing them and even pouring stuff on them also says that the cops don’t think all the incidents are related.

Perry Wistful At RNC. I read this headline, and sorry, this is the earworm that jumps into my noggin.

Doctor Shaves Head After Losing Bet. When Kiera Hurtado was told that even surgery probably wouldn’t correct her dystonia enough that she could walk, she bet her doctor, Brian Aalbers, that she would. On the table then? His hair. On the floor now? His hair. Never make a bet with Zac Crain, or a 10 year old. Amirite?


  • Good LEADING OFF Bethany. (I wonder if people sometimes call you Beth, and I’m assuming you may be quick to correct them because you are known as Bethany). I loved this quote “Tell that to my ankles, which became a movable feast two nights ago”. That’s good stuff right there, I don’t care who you are. It’s good to see the mosquito spraying is supposedly a success albeit your ankles.

    I just have one plea for the long holiday weekend. Please, please everyone…..do not drink and drive!

    Enjoy your last days of summer.

    Predicted comments: An even dozen

    Die Hard 6 over and out.

  • allison

    Mosquito population hasn’t changed a bit in my Lakewood backyard. As for you Bethany, the mosquitoes would get me A LOT even after I’d bathed in the Deep Woods Off. It has 25% deet. I found a Coleman outdoor spray, which has 40%. Both my Albertson’s & Tom Thumb carried it this summer. Try that, if you haven’t already. Made a difference in my life.

  • Sybil’ Beaver

    good to know the spraying killed off all the weak mosquitos. Its seems as if the aggressive ones survived and are biting more than ever.

    I have a plea for the lone weekend, please kids…do not jar

  • lm

    Mosquitos in my yard are as ferocious as ever. They love me. The bees came back in the last few days. Geckos are M.I.A.

  • WD

    Yes, mosqs thick as ever but not so the geckos, dragonflies, bees, and what ever you call those mosq-eating minnow-like fish. All gone.