Leading Off (8/29/12)

Record Number of Students Attend DISD on Day Two. There were 10,000 more students at school yesterday than there were on Monday. This brings the total to 150,736 students. In 2003-2004, there were 142,516 in attednance on day two. DISD has been making a big push to ensure students attend class in the first week. Here’s hoping it’s all paying off.

SPCA of Texas Receives Louisiana’s Adoptable Pets. The SPCA of Texas received 181 pets yesterday from Louisiana’s SPCA. The Louisiana outpost was making room for potential animals that will need help after Hurricane Isaac goes through town. The SPCA is offering 50 percent off adoptions from Monday  through Friday. If you’re thinking of a pet, please consider adopting. I can tell you ALL about the joys of adopting a pet. Seriously. I talk about my dog about as much as Tim talks about his tux and as much as Zac poses hypotheticals.

Think You Have It Bad? You Have No Idea. In July, William C. Miller’s son died of a blood clot, he put down his family dog of 17 years, and just this past week, his wife of 66 years passed away from the West Nile virus. To top things off: Miller was also diagnosed with West Nile virus. So no matter how bad your day was (or your week, or your month), it is not as bad as Miller’s. Be thankful for what you have, and send some good wishes Miller’s way.


  • Daniel

    3) A host of other indignities aside, this is one of the least appealing things about growing very old: The prospect of burying a child who has actually managed to make it to the very far end of middle age himself. (In Mr. Miller’s case, I’m only guessing that his oldest son was in his 60s.)

  • Daniel

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  • Spartacus

    What, no mention of the tuxedoed Mr. Rogers’ appearance on Channel 8 early this morning?
    (Sorry, Daniel.)