Leading Off (8/28/12)

Should We Rename Garland Road? That’s the question (paywall) being floated by Lincoln Property, the folks redeveloping the 15-acre spot at Garland and Gaston. Lincoln claims that some people get confused and think the road is in Garland. A company rep downplays the whole thing but says, oh, maybe Arboretum Boulevard would be a good option. I look forward to the point at which this discussion becomes racially charged and the movement gains strength to rename it Julio Iglesias Street. (Bonus: the story I linked to was written by James Ragland. Remember him?)

Van Cliburn Diagnosed With Bone Cancer. The 78-year-old pianist is resting comfortably, but the news certainly isn’t good.

We’re Not Done Yet With the Aerial Spraying. Lewisville and Southlake have given the thumbs-up, and now Irving, after a little miscommunication, is also ready to get doused with Duet from the air. Whatever you do, if you’re about to be sprayed, don’t read this.


  • Good morning Tim, I trust you slept well in your tux. Another busy morning for you I assume.
    Just a question for the general populace or anyone that might know: Is there anyway to gauge the results of the mosquito spraying from the air? Has the West Nile Virus been slowed?

    Also of note, ex-wife of Troy Aikman was arrested for public intoxication. No word if Randy Travis had anything to do with that.

    And how bout those Rangers and Adrian Beltre? The guy is a beast!

    Comment prediction: 4
    I’m gonna venture people are trying to get used to the back to school routine.

  • D. Shapiro

    I was bitten by a mosquito in Coppell on Sunday. Not sure I have West Nile yet or if it was carrying the virus. It looked like a nice mosquito, though. Quiet. Kept to himself.

  • Sybil’s Beaver

    Lets Rename garland road just because it has garland in it. I mean its garland, the only thing worse than that is Mesquite.

    Sad about Van Cliburn

    Some day we are all gonna regret our nighty dousing of duet. yeah we saved 12 people from dying of WNV, but we will have created mutated humans with 3 breasts, 4 arms, and 1 eye on the forehead.

    on the back to school routine…. I need summer back, Now that all these stay at home moms are out drving around before 9 am dropping kids off at school, my average drive to work has increased by 6 minutes. They drive terrible and are 2 for 2 on accidents on the street I take to get to the freeway.

  • Seven

    I don’t buy the confusion argument about Garland Rd. After all, no one seems to notice the lack of river fronting Riverfront Blvd.

  • Avid Reader

    Just charge them $10M to name it Lincoln Property Blvd like they actually want and be done with it.

  • I agree with @Seven. Didn’t know there was so much confusion about Garland Rd. No one seems to notice that Plano Rd. doesn’t turn into Plano Rd. until it gets to Richardson. And stays that way well into Dallas. In Plano, it’s Ave. K.

    But you know, whatever.

  • downtown_worker

    I’m not opposed to renaming the road, but what idiot would think that the road is in Garland? Do they also think McKinney Ave is in McKinney and Fort Worth Ave is in Fort Worth? There are also streets downtown named after Houston and Austin.

    Plus, if we’re going to rename roads after Dallas attractions, why not rename N Haskell to Fair Park Blvd?

  • Beda

    No don’t rename it. Let’s hope the number of people clueless enough to be confused is few. Greenville used to be the road that went to Greenville, Texas; should we rename it also (along with the other above examples)? And Arboretum Blvd would only actually describe the stretch of Garland Road that runs directly in front of the arboretum. Would that new name apply all the way to 635? Or just Buckner? This is confusing me. Leave it alone.