Leading Off (8/23/12)

Body-Slammed Arlington Teen Preparing To Sue Police. I think everyone probably should have been expecting this. After watching a brief snippet of Kelsey Perry’s interview and my general knowledge of courtroom cross examinations, I would say her lawyer probably needs to start coaching her now.

American Airlines Pilot Union Readies For a Strike Vote. You knew it would come to this when AA leadership refused to let pilots wear those boss-looking eyepatches that Gary got everyone.

New Generation of Von Erichs Enters the Ring. Sub required, but how can you not want to read about Kevin Von Erich’s sons following him into the family business? Especially given what the family business means for the Von Erichs.


  • Getting a slow start this mnorning as I got in late after the Rangers bashed the Orioles last night. Big props to my high school buddy Calvin for the tickets. Man, that was a fun game. The Boomsticks were out. Looking forward to reading about the Von Erich’s, Ooopppssss, subscription required? Guess I won’t be reading about them. My unemployment benefits doesn’t cover Dallas Morning News Subscription. Anyways, I bet it’s a great article.

    Have a great day everyone!

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  • Daniel

    Here’s my general knowledge of courtroom cross examinations: Perry Mason will find her psychological fault line and then steadily percuss, gradually increasing the tempo until she cracks. Like most mind games, it’s oddly coital. He always wins.

  • Sybil’s Beaver

    They can vote on striking all they want, unfortunately for them, this isnt section 6 RLA negotiations. This is 1113c bankruptcy negotiations. It seems as if they have forgotten that point. They pilots say they can strike post bankruptcy, but if the judge imposes AA LBFO, he can add a no strike clause to ensure the post bankruptcy AMR isnt hurt by any job actions by any of the unions.

    As for the body slammed teen…maybe these “children” as the lawyer called them, shouldnt be out at a club after 12 or fighting in public.

  • JS

    How’d that last pilots’ strike work out for the AA pilot union? Looking forward to seeing them pay another huge fine!

  • @Sybil I like the way you think. How does someone know so much about union sanctions and bankruptcy negotiations? I’m am now a true Beaver fan. I have over 20 years experience in consumer lending and collections. I’ve heard of Chapter VII and XIII Bankruptcy proceddings, but you took it to another level. Good job.

  • Sybil’s Beaver

    @Lew, my wife is a flight attendant at Eagle so this particular bk affects me personally. Ive taken the time to read all the relevant documents and a lot of the filings, following up on previous banruptcy decisions in the airline industry and who controls what in a Bankruptcy. Basically, the judge runs things until they exit. the unions can kick and yell and scream until they are blue, they really have 0 leverage right now