Leading Off (8/20/2012)

Welcome To Ground Zero In The Fight Against West Nile: That’s what the Washington Post calls us in its report about the aerial spraying “that has the county divided,’ giving Jim Schutze the last word: “this entire spraying exercise in Dallas reeks of public panic and political exploitation.” Meanwhile, spraying continued Sunday after a rain delay. And speaking of rain, two men were swept away by flash floods, making Saturday’s storm one-fifth as deadly as West Nile this year.

Suspect In Murder of Ethiopian Restaurant Owners Caught: Abey Belette Girma was arrested in Aurora, Colorado where he had fled after allegedly killing Desta Yenenesh and Lemma Yayehyirad last Wednesday morning. A court document says Girma boasted to friends about the murder, claiming it was reprisal for having been “disrespected” by the victims.

Sports Bits: Michael Young actually had a good night. Brandon Carr might actually be worth the money. And did you know there was a Tennis tournament going on in Dallas right now?


  • I know Michael Young is an icon for the Texas Rangers, but I wonder where he has been for most of the summer? I know it’s the nature of baseball to have a batting slump from time to time, but the entire summer? How does a player after months of non-productivity, wake up one day and just start hitting the ball again?

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  • Karl

    Love to hear comments about Clay Jenkins reaching out to the so-called faith-based community and asking pastors, rabbis, and imams to ask their folks to pray for clear skies and light winds. We really need to get this moron out of government.

  • JS

    I understand that Clay Jenkins and Mayor Pizza Hut now are going to undertake an emergency program to seed the clouds so as to prevent rain and future deaths from flash flooding.

  • Sybil’s Beaver

    So we finally get some much needed rain and JWP’s sock puppet asks for prayers to make it stop. What a bunch of goons over there.

    It was good to Young have a great game at bat, but I have a 119 other games this year to show how bad he has been. When you have the worst WAR in team history, you really aren’t contributing.