Leading Off (8/17/12)

Dallas Would Like an Olympics, Please. A summer one, in 2024. Because the North Texas area is so very nice and comfortable in August, right Tim? Also, I need a mock-up of what a Dallas Opening Ceremonies would look like, pronto.

Rockwall PD Disposes of Grenade at Nursing Home. So, I’m by no means an expert, but here’s a tip anyway: If you see a grenade in a box, you should not pull the pin out. I saw this on the TV several times, and at least twice in a movie, so I know what I’m talking about.

Scammers Flattening Tires in Duncanville. So if you notice your tire is flat, and then someone comes up and offers to help you out with that, you might want to think twice. Which is a shame, because there are genuinely nice people out there. But these guys? They aren’t them.

Remarkably Polite Would-Be Robber Hits Two Dallas Banks. Guy walks into the Chase Bank on Hillcrest in University Park, hands a teller a note, she tells him no, so he politely leaves and heads to a second location, and tries again. No word so far on how that one went down.

Clean Out Your Stupid Pools. OK, everyone everywhere has said their opinion about this whole Duet raining down from the sky thing. So I’m just going to point you to two things, and then let my head spin around off my shoulders. For one, is it merely a coincidence that some of the hardest hit areas of the county are also where people who are known to overwater with impunity? And second, if you are going to move out or can’t take care of your pool, drain it and clean it, instead of setting up a perfect incubator for mosquitoes to breed and then spread disease. And Dallas, can we please come up with a better reason for not doing what Carrollton is doing, other than (and this is a summarization), “sorry, we’re busy planning our aerial assault?”


  • Great “LEADING OFF” Bethany! Each of your topics today was a story about a threat to the general safety of your readers and it made me read while looking over my shoulder. A nice way to enjoy my morning coffee. One of the stories you referenced was unclear, but it wasn’t your fault. I do happen to know about hand grenades, as I qualified as an expert for the U.S. Army. So I’m not sure how you pull the pin on a grenade, it smokes, but doesn’t explode, unless it was a smoke grenade, and that was what it was designed to do.
    I applaude your plea for people to maintain their pools and to drain them if they aren’t going to use them. We certainly don’t ned more spraying from the air for mosquitoes, only to learn 10 years from now that the mosquito spray was some form of Agent Orange.

    Comment Prediction: 6

  • Urban dweller

    Keep us posted about the aerial spraying. It’s a huge pain dealing with the fish ponds and herb gardens, stray cats etc.

  • ProjectGirl

    I am just in from uncovering blooming nectar plants and refilling bird baths. There isn’t one single thing flying outside. Saw a cricket and a wasp struggling – and by that I mean flopping around on the ground. I hope the great minds are happy.

  • Don

    Olympics in Dallas = yet another commercial & construction scam. Does out city need more debt?

  • Kk

    I have an elderly neighbor that would love to give up his pool. He could afford to just fill it with some fill dirt, sod, etc. but he’s told no you have to have it broken into X size lil chunks, then do XYZ, do the hokie pokie, etc. I say come up with a simple cost effective way for people to get out of the pool maintenance business in their own yards. If they’re pool has gone feral there’s probably a $$ issue going on. I don’t want to even think about the $$$$$$$$$$$$ we spent the 12 years we had a pool.
    PS the squirrels in my yard look a bit woozy this fine, delightfully chilly morning. “I love the smell of napalm in the morning”.

  • Former Texan

    The tire flatteners went to an awful lot of trouble for a $15 tip (flatten the tire, get cleaned up so you don’t scare the lady off, talk her into letting you help, and then changing the freaking tire).

    I’d be more suspicious: did they handle your keys? Did they get int you glove box to look at the owner’s manual and maybe your registration too? Did they ask a lot of questions that sounded like small talk but were maybe finding out if you live alone?

  • Kk

    I’ve dealt with clients and employees freaking out about this spraying all week. I’ve kept calm, tried to be the voice of reason. Now I’m pissed. Reporting here from the south end of HP: 10 minutes outside and my husband, dog and I are swarmed with mosquitos. Worst morning yet swarm. Are they at least sluggish? Nope, zippy and hard to swat as ever. Big striped ones, little wispy ones, all hale, hardy and blood thirsty. In all my reading I don’t recall it saying the poison was a delayed reaction thing? When are we supposed to see the benefits of this whole fiasco?

  • Cliff

    @ProjectGirl, Kk,

    If you can’t get the floating row covers you need to cover your plants and ponds, a dense neighborhood tree canopy will help. The upper surfaces of all the upper leaves on all the trees will not only catch and hold all the insecticide which lands on them, the leaf density will also filter and block the insecticide sprayed above them from falling between them onto your sensitive items like nectar plants and mosquitoes.

  • My2Cents

    KK, you will see the benefits in 10 to 20 years when you develop lung cancer even though you never smoked. Or when your next child is born with the head of a golden retriever. Thanks Dallas and Dallas County. You guys are a freaking brain trust.

  • ket

    When I read that “Rockwall PD Disposes of Grenade at Nursing Home” my first thought was: don’t they have safer places to do that? I mean sure they’re old and smell funny, but that’s just mean.

    I liked that thought and didn’t want to ruin it, so I didn’t read the item. Sorry.

  • Blake

    The same people D Mag kisses up to on Dallas’ biggest houses articles, etc are the same ones that overwater….

  • Project Girl

    @ ket – I thought the exact same thing!! LOL Glad it wasn’t just me…

  • Urban dweller

    Good one @ My2Cents! Loved the deformed kid part.

  • Neal

    I’m glad the mosquitos are gone but I spent a few minutes in the yard early this morning and again just now. It’s like silent spring out there. Not a single bug of any kind. Very creepy.

  • Kk

    I’ve already had cancer, thank you but I’d prefer to not do that whole barrel of fun again. @Cliff, thank you for that, never dawned on me about the tree canopy. Our backyard and 1/2 the house is shaded with huge tree coverage. Perhaps that’s why we still have ants, mosquitos and other bugs. And perhaps the lining of our lungs. I had a client tell me today that she’s considering draining her pool when the spraying is over and refilling it with new water. How’s that for ecological fallout? Much less the frantic rinsing I’ve seen people doing today on their outdoor everything.

  • Sherry K

    Wow, most comments on Friday’s Leading Off in a long, long time. I sure hope it wasn’t a result of sock puppetry. But I bet it is.