Leading Off (8/16/12)

Aerial Spraying For West Nile To Start Tonight. Taking a cue from Bill Pullman’s President Thomas Whitmore in Independence Day, Mayor Mike Rawlings will be piloting one of the planes himself. (The other will be flown by Tom “Viper” Skerritt.)

Brek Shea Helps Lead U.S. Men’s National Team To Historic Win Versus Mexico. Historic, as in: the U.S. soccer team hadn’t beaten Mexico in Mexico over 24 games going all the way back to 1937. Yeah, it was a friendly, BUT STILL.

Hawkins Romo Meets Crypt Keeper At Cowboys Training Camp. And smartly avoids eye contact. Solid hustle, Hawkins.

DISD Offering $500 Rewards For First Day Attendance. Probably not a terrible time to mention I didn’t actually finish high school, so I’m reenrolling.


  • Good job Zac. Your Thursday entry of “LEADING OFF” is excellent. I get a sense from your entry you are in a great mood this morning, you have some nice sports going on, as well as important info about mosquitoes.

    Some writers (and I won’t mention who), seem a little bit cranky, not with their posts, but with their reply to comments. I would think you should be very close to this week’s leader in comments, Tim with 19 after today’s entry. Good job sir. Comment Prediction: 12

  • Daniel

    I occasionally have a nightmare in which I’m forced to go back to high school (at the age I am now) and it’s just terribly embarrassing. In a related nightmare, I’m in the last few weeks of the last semester of college (in this scenario, I’m the age I was then) and I realize there’s a class I haven’t attended since the second or third week and it’s mathematics or science — subjects I don’t like — and I must learn a semester’s material in a couple of weeks or else fail to graduate. (In a related nightmare, I’m in college, appropriately aged, diligent and optimistic, but I completely forget my schedule and am thus unable to succeed; I drop in on random classes, hoping they might be the right ones; I am dogged throughout by a feeling of fraudulence.)

    Also sometimes I’m making love to Scarlett Johansson and she morphs into a giant tortoise at the age I am now.

  • LewP is right, Zac. I could totally see this post getting 12 comments.

  • Put me down as not falling for the day rate to go back to school. I’m surrounded by those who finished school.

    Michael, 8 to go. Unless of course someone puts in here a tag line about an SMU alumni mistaking a Kardashian for a hooker…….

  • OK people, it’s almost noon and we haven’t gotten to the halfway point in the comment prediction…Isn’t there something we can identify with in the 4 topics in “LEADING OFF”?

    The reason my prediction was pretty hefty for Zac was due to my opinion that there were going to be zillions of people upset about being sprayed on with mosquito repellent. I guess I was wrong, I suppose most people want to be defended against the virus. I’m surprised there hasn’t been a flood light with a bat emblem there to call Batman to the metropolis to help the mayor.

  • Regarding the aerial spraying… I’m sure we’ll be just fine. I mean, they’re spraying over 49,000 acres with some chemical that kills living things. Yeah, we’ll be just fine.