Leading Off (8/15/12)

Parkland Board Hosts Meeting to Name New Interim CEO. Bob Smith, a retired vice president of Tenet Healthcare, a for-profit health care chain, will likely be named interim CEO of Parkland today. The board is having a special meeting this morning to vote on whether or not the 60-year-old Plano resident will get the job, which would pay him $60,000 a month. He doesn’t want the gig full-time. His contract would run for four months.

Trial Begins for Teacher Accused of Having Sex With Students. Sounds like the first day of trial for former Kennedale High School teacher and coach Brittni Colleps was an interesting one. It included testimony from a couple former students who say they had sex with Colleps and a video shot during one such incident. You’ll remember that she’s the married mother of three who resigned from the school after administrators heard about the incidents in May 2011.

It Rained! It did. And there was lightning. And we’ll probably have cooler temperatures later this week. And this makes me happy.


  • I suppose there is some sort of internal competition with me on these “Leading Off” segments, and which writer can garner the most responses and comments to the morning post. Tim had 19 comments yesterday. I’m going to predict he is this week’s winner. The question now becomes, why? Thoughts?

  • Albert

    The rain was really, really wet.

  • Steve

    Need I say “Never trust a ‘Brittni'”. Surely I needn’t.

  • AP

    I noticed that in your Parkland paragraph, you used ‘whether or not’. If you’ll refer to your AP Style Guide, you’ll find the ‘or not’ is not necessary. Maybe it’s time for D Mag staffers to have a refresher course.

  • @ AP. Thanks for that heads up. If no one else liked it, I did. I’m always trying to learn the craft. Thanks.

  • @AP: Thanks for pointing that out. A couple things. Though you are correct about ‘or not’ being redundant with ‘whether,’ the AP Style Book does not address the issue. Also, quotation marks go outside punctuation. Also, when referencing our publication, the name of the magazine should be italicized.

  • hahaha that’s good stuff Ms. Nightengale. You sort of have us commenters at a loss. I don’t see a tool here in the comment section that allows for words to be italicized. Perhaps we should write our comments on Word, the cut and paste into the comment section? I know it would help me and my Spell Check. But I digress. I’m simply adding to your comment totals (LMAO) which means Laughing my….. never mind.