Leading Off (8/13/12)

Aerial Mosquito Spraying Begins This Week: Nine people have died and nearly 200 people have contracted West Nile Virus this year, and so to combat the spread of the mosquito-transmitted disease, Dallas will begin dropping pesticides from the sky, the first time the county has conducted aerial spraying since 1966. But the seriously-bearded  Dr. Gene Helmick-Richardson says the spraying will only create a “super bug.”

North Texas A Center For Human Trafficking: This story (pay wall) contains harrowing details about the night in which a 20-year-old Arlington woman was abducted and forced into prostitution in late July, but perhaps more disturbing are the statistics from the National Human Trafficking Resource Center that indicate that the problem of human trafficking and forced prostitution is getting worse in North Texas.

Domingo Garcia Putting Roots Down In Fort Worth: The lawyer and politician lost to Fort Worth resident Marc Veasey in the Democratic primary for the Texas 33rd Congressional District, but the Star-Telegram reports that Garcia will be opening an office in Fort Worth and helping to register Hispanic voters, prompting speculation that he will throw his hat back in the ring 2014.


  • The Olympics just ended, the Rangers are widening their lead in the AL West, and the Cowboys have a game tonight. Peter, you never can seem to find a sports angle on “Leading Off”. C’mon man.

  • I like when the seriously-beared Dr. Helmick-Richardson said it would also kill “innocent insects that didn’t do anything.” Like lady bugs and rolly pollies? The good bugs. But if it’ll turn mosquitos into “super bugs,” wouldn’t it do the same to the innocent bugs? Are we doing them a favor? Will there be SUPER lady bugs with lazer powers and rolly pollies with heat vision and adamantium exo-skin? I personally look forward to the mutant bug revolution.

    And no, the crazy beard, in no way, makes you appear less reputable.

  • RossG

    @David The biggest issue is with bees. The poison acts as a neurotoxin and is killing off an already sparse honey bee population which in turn has global ecological implications itself. The bees that are more equipped to survive the toxin are the ever approaching African killer bees.

    But, should it come to it, I too am prepared to bow before a Lady Bug ruler.

  • @RossG Maybe the Lazer-Powered Lady Bugs can wage war against the African Killer Bees? I’d watch that movie.

    Dallas could start an adopt a bee hive project. Citizens, if you see a hive, take it into your house before the spraying starts. Yeah, I don’t know. You make a good point. I’ve read some stuff on the dwindling honey bee population. It’s pretty freaky. Use bug spray people (15% Deet).

  • @LewP: See, you already know about all that stuff.

    @David: If we get mutant lady bugs, then it will all be worth it.

  • @Peter, I agree Peter, but we Texans like to embroil ourselfs in stories about ourselves. It’s like looking in a mirror to talk about successful sports teams in Texas. You just get to hold the mirror for us.

  • Pardon me, “ourselves”. I wish there was an edit feature in these commits. I always feel undue pressure when I push the send button on these comments. It’s like firing a cruise missle. No turning back.

  • Crap “comments”.

  • Joy

    @LewP “missile”