A D Magazine Guesstigation: Is Rhett Miller Yodeling for Olive Garden?

For the past few days, I’ve seen an Olive Garden commercial whose never-ending pasta bowl jingle is sung by a fellow who sounds exactly like Rhett Miller. I finally remembered to ask the internet about this, and people certainly are chattering about it, but no response from the crooner himself. Nor can I find the commercial online. Anyone else notice this?


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  • Mimi

    Here’s the YouTube link:


    Sounds like him to me.

  • Dave

    There’s absolutely no doubt it is Rhett singing Delaney & Bonnie’s “Never Ending Song of Love”. God Bless him for making a few bucks – he deserves it.

  • Eastside

    Maybe someone should ask him when he is in town on Friday. IJS.

  • Steve

    Probably, they did a Chili’s ad a few years ago.

  • Kyle Rovinsky

    Not him. It’s me. I was hired by the Omnicom ad agency to lay the track

  • jvs

    Yes that is 100% absolutely no doubts whatsoever Rhett Miller singing. I too just saw the commercial on tv and instantly recognized his voice and thought it very random–but good for him!

  • Sandra

    Me too!

  • Erica

    Thank goodness I’m not the only one in a quandry about this! I’d love to get a hold of the song if it is Rhett.

  • Diane

    I actually thought it sounded like Phillip Phillips, American Idol 2012 winner. Anyone find any confirmation of who it was? Definitely like the sound!

  • joe

    I know that Rhett Miller’s last two albums have been lackluster but, Olive Garden commercials. I hope that it’s just a sound alike. I love the Old 97’s. An Olive Garden ad wouldn’t diminish my love for that band in any way. But come on man never ending pasta. 1500 miles to this old Olive Garden. Or the guy with the banjo keeps on passing me the never ending pasta bowl just don’t have the same ring to them.

  • suzanne

    Ha ha, Joe. Good one.

    It’s got to be Rhett.

  • Kim

    Everyone does know that he wrote and sang the babyback ribs jingle for Chili’s, right? I want my babyback babyback…. It’s totally possible this is him.

  • David W

    Commercial grabbed my ear as I’ve always loved the song…then I recognized the VOICE…good for Rhett!!!

  • smackin

    I tweeted Rhett and got no response. It sounds just like him. He did the Chili’s thing but that is a Texas owned company. Is Olive garden owned by the same people. But there is no mistaking that yodel.