Introducing 10 Most Beautiful’s Week 2 Ladies

voteUp now: Holly Forsythe, owner of Sambuca and nature girl; Jennifer Clark, gorgeous grandmother and philanthropist; Amanda Ward, bubbly blonde and family girl; Shelly Ann Klein, esthetician and exercise queen; and Tifany Cheatham, Bar Method babe and “domestic engineer.”

These ladies need your help. You probably know how it works by now: head over to the ballots and give your favorite girl your vote. You can come back once a day, every day until Saturday at midnight.


  • Priya

    Well, this is my first comment ever on D. When I saw the Top Story in the upper right today, reading “This Beautiful Woman Needs Your Help,” I clicked to see what it was about. I actually thought it might be for a real cause… Nope. What a joke.

    Thanks for reminding me why I only read FrontRow.