If the American Airlines-U.S. Airways Merger Talks Were the Popular Television Series Friends

The flirtatious airlines have moved beyond their Ross-and-Rachel phase and appear to have entered the Chandler-and-Monica era, after Joey found out they were hooking up but during the time when they were trying to keep it secret from the rest of the gang.

The Wall Street Journal delivers a more sober account of today’s news:

More than a month after American Airlines parent  AMR Corp. sent a nondisclosure agreement to suitor US Airways Group Inc., the two companies said Friday that the deal has been signed, clearing the way for the pair to share confidential information so they can evaluate a potential combination.

The companies said they will “work in good faith” and in “close collaboration” with AMR’s creditors. They said they won’t make further comment “until the parties have entered into a transaction or discussions between the parties have been terminated.”

The two airline companies also said they agreed that they and their representatives won’t engage in discussions with other parties concerning the potential combination, and warned there is no assurance a transaction will result.


  • Sybil’ Beaver

    I enjoy the unions rhetoric and trying to push for this merger to oust the current AMR management. Do some reading on Doug Parker (yes he has a profitable airline) and you will see that he cant even work with 2 current pilots unions that are still on separate seniority lists. How is he going to manage to appease all 3 and get them all to agree? Things are more crazy and US than they ever have been at AMR

  • Flyer 1

    The AA flight attendant union is no peach to deal with either. When the company “merged” with TWA, they stapled TWA flight attendants with years more seniority to the bottom of the AA list. Now that this is not an option, it will be highly entertaining to watch how the AA and US (still uncombined btw) integrate. AA’s flight attendants are also skeptical of the deal their union head made with Doug Parker. The amount of distrust swirling around this maybe, maybe not merger is remarkable. Was there a deal with the devil signed?