“Hunk” Illustrates Dallas Parking Scrap

COVER_SEPT12_1The guy pictured here, who the ladies upstairs contend is quite a “hunk,” is a professional model from the Kim Dawson Agency named Cole Swearingen. Cole didn’t really get beat up. He just looks like he did, thanks to Heather Henry’s makeup and the stellar photography of the famous Elizabeth Lavin. And, that he’s on this cover at all is due to our Creative Director Todd Johnson and Art Director Hamilton Hedrick, the pair who cooked up the concept along with Elizabeth.

We think they did a bang-up job–sorry–illustrating the cover story in D CEO’s September issue. The article’s about how  valet parking is ingrained in Dallas culture and how a single, well-connected valet company, Jack Boles Services, has dominated the business here for decades. But now, the story shows, the big dog is being hounded by a pack of younger, scrappier, maybe hungrier upstarts. Who knew so many people want to get their hands on your car?


  • bill holston

    loved the profile on Jack Boles. He was a class act. Tough as nails Marine. I loved being at his funeral with local doctors, dentists, lawyers, Judges all of who worked their way through school on tips. It’s interesting one of the competitors worked his way through school working for Jack. David and Pam are sweet professional people who run a class business. I wish them well. They’ve build a solid reputation on being service driven.

    Favorite memory: parking cars for Cattle Barons Ball at the brand new Hyatt Regency. I graduated from College at Noon, and parked cars there that night until three in the morning. Jack was out there with all of us.

  • Steve

    Asshole valet parkers stole my Brietling out of my Benz.