Ghosts of Dallas: White Rock Spillway, 1952


“Finding a cure for the 90-degree heat prevailing in Dallas is no problem to these Woodrow Wilson juniors cavorting about the spillway at White Rock Lake. Frolicking in the water are Anne Heddens, Kathleen Davis, Carolyn Roderick, Avalou Calavan, Beverly Ingram, Carolyn Wadsworth, Carol Hinson, Beverly Allen and Mary Lu Pike.”

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Original photo: From the collections of the Texas/Dallas History and Archives Division, Dallas Public Library

Photo: Emilia Gaston


  • And yes, Dear Photograph, is a great site and worth visiting regularly.

  • Matthew

    Saw this pic on a KERA/PBS show on the history of Dallas. Good stuff!

  • Alice F.

    I guess Carol was yesteryear’s Jennifer or Emma. 🙂

  • tb

    Ah! I remember when “90-degree heat” prevailed in Dallas. Those were the days!