Don’t Spray Me, Bro

Mayor Rawlings’ office called the TV stations yesterday to ask for their help in getting the message out about West Nile virus. We didn’t get any such call here at D HQ. But we still want to help. So here’s a helpful video. Watch. Learn. Then take a look at the spray map to see if the poison will rain down tonight on your veggie plants and herbs. Then know that, according to North Haven Gardens, frost cloth or floating row cover will protect your plants from the poison. Then, finally, know this: only female mosquitoes bite. Not males. Just females.


  • Did those kids just thank “Mr. Narrator,” like it’s not a big deal that some disembodied voice is talking to them? Has this character been established in previous Dallas PSAs?

  • Ben

    I thought I heard Scott Griggs on the radio this morning talking about the Trinity River, must have been about plans to get one of those big old tarps from Elliott’s Hardware to cover the river basin from levee to levee so all the fish don’t die from the spray and lay there lining the banks in this August heat. And then I looked at the spray map and, waddya know, there’s a big old lake right there in the middle of ground zero, too. So, Scott: two tarps, one for the ecosystem that only comes alive when people go down into it and one for the old jogging hole.

  • Dubious Brother

    Who’s brother in law got the spray contract?