Deion Sanders Says Mascot for Prime Prep Is “Winning”

1) I know, in context, Winning is not actually the mascot, like the Prime Prep Winning, so much as it is more along the lines of the school will have no mascot at all. But I prefer to think it IS Prime Prep Winning, because …

2) Then it makes me think their uniforms would look something like this, which makes me laugh not because I think that particular meme is still funny, but just because imagining them coming up with that kind of blows my mind — like, just a flurry of texts with so much “lol” and “smdh” and everything.


  • Long Memory

    The mascot should be some guy in shades and lotsa bling.

  • Edward

    Is this school STILL going to happen? If there’s ever a reason for the state of Texas to get rid of charter schools (or at least crack down on the incestuous fraud) this is a “prime” example.