Courtney Kerr Gets Her Own Show on Bravo

You might know Courtney Kerr as from her turn on Most Eligible Dallas. Me, I know her as a finalist in our current 10 Most Beautiful Women in Dallas contest. Now comes news that Kerr will get her own reality show on Bravo next year, called Courtney Loves Dallas. Bravo describes it thusly:

Breakout star Courtney Kerr of Most Eligible Dallas navigates the lively Dallas social scene with her group of sassy, dynamic friends in this docu-series. Juggling her search for the perfect southern gentleman while trying to make a name for herself in the fashion industry with the growing popularity of her fashion blog, Courtney proves that having it all isn’t easy.

If she goes at the thing with the same sexual innuendos sometimes displayed on her blog (pictured), then I’m in.


  • JoJo


  • AC

    I’m with JoJo. Pointless.

  • Matt worstgren

    Are you serious the girl sells glasses, has her name on her wall and was the laughing stock of all the camera guys and cast it seemed…

  • Amy

    And she’s relevant to society how? By telling me how to mismatch my H&M purchases?

  • Vseslav Botkin

    @amy Employs publicist + effects fashion mannerisms on city street = relevant!

  • JB

    Great idea but bad title. With the picture it may remind one of that popular show about Debbie who ‘loved’ Dallas too.

  • Barf

    Lowest common denominator has just been reached. Will this show air before or after ‘Here comes honey boo boo’??

  • MAW

    Im sorry, I tried to like Most Eligible Dallas. Lord knows I watch much worse (like everything on TLC), but there was not one single “character” on MED who was lovable or interesting. I actually thought Courtney was the lamest of all the girls. And I hate to be mean, but there is NO way she is 30 years old. Her face looks way older. Why do Dallas women lie about their age? I think Reality TV needs to give up on Dallas already. Every show based here is just awful – and not in a good way!

  • Ben

    yay!!! cant wait! i love courtney!!

  • CH

    She works at Sunglass hut. I guess that’s having it all.

  • Agnes

    This is the best news ever. I love Courtney Kerr and her style. All those who have the negative comments here wish for 1 minute they could be Courtney Kerr. I am assuming these are the same people that try to cyber bully her on twitter for months. IT DIDN’T WORK AND IT WILL NOT WORK NOW.

  • Agnes

    @CH All it takes is talent and not showing off like you have the whole world. Courtney Kerr did her best to entertain the American public therefore she was rewarded.

  • Jessica

    Maybe it will show you how to get that AWESOME job at Sunglass Hut. EWWW.

  • BeccaLyn

    @Agnes – are you the publicist mentioned in the formula for her success by @vseslav?

  • Chris

    This marks another step towards Idiocracy. Guess she never read what happens to reality tv people when the show is cancelled.

  • Brent D.

    Sunglass Hut also replaces watch batteries.

  • Stacy L.

    Haha! Yes Agnes, I wish I could be Courtney Kerr. Come to think of it, that would be an awesome reality show on Bravo.

  • Really

    Why do people like her get picked to represent Dallas? So many other people who are more interesting and do amazing things for the city.

  • Ryan R.

    How dare she work an honest job at Sunglass Hut and aspire for something more? And yes I’m sure this show will desanctify the high standards of reality TV. She may be a disgusting person, I don’t know; but what’s the point of attacking her?

  • Agnes

    @BeccaLyn its not about publicist. Bravo Tv have their own testing process. They do testing for months to see what works on Bravo. If it was about publicist the others could have hire one. Just for the record, I am a fan of Courtney Kerr like many of those that made it possible for her to get her own show.

  • BePositive

    Dallas is exactly what most of you commenters are…a web full of selfish and cruel, haters. What does working retail have anything to do with who a person is? I’m sure half of you commenting on here are either waiters or bartenders, or doorguys, & from the looks of your comments, I can assure you most are not doctors or lawyers.
    Sounds like you actually watched the show in order to make judgements on this girl so you must’ve been interested enough to tune in.

    Take your negative D Mag comment hour in the day and use it to go mentor someone or do something good for someone else for a change. Who knows who this girl really is and regardless, people have feelings. Shame on you all and your rude comments.

    • @BePositive: I tend you agree with you. And we’ve deleted the nastier, more vulgar comments. These are just the rude ones.

  • Sybil’ Beaver

    Tim, when she became a public figure by agreeing to be on a Reality TV show, she opened herself to this type of commentary. Are some of them rude, vulgar and nasty? Sure, but she wanted to be judged by peopel by being on reality TV and this is the end result.

  • Really

    @BePostive Ive lived in Dallas my whole life and if some girl from Ft. Worth with no talent gets a show about living in Dallas. I might have something to say. Thank you.

  • Look at this way, every time Dallas gets another reality show, an angel gets its wings, a kitten dies and 50 more people move to Frisco!

  • JoJo

    @BePositive, waiters, bartenders, and doorguys have feelings too and I’m sure there are plenty of lawyers and doctors who are mean, nasty people. And anyone who pursues Matt Nordgren should be questioned for insanity

  • Dr. Schpincter

    @Tim – thanks for bringing some maturity to this post. Oh and thanks for the story today on boobs on DMN and pointing out the bottle in the above shot. So. Hot.

  • Lexie

    Is that a phallic insinuation/insertion of the juice drink?!!!!


    I can’t believe that she has her own show… shocker! BUT, trashy reality shows need a lustlacking star to fill it’s spot & they’ve hit their demographic by casting her. MED was lame… bickering “socialites” – twisted love triangles & can’t forget their “I’m doing my part & throwing an impromptu charity party” I don’t think I ever really saw CK w/out a glass of wine or cocktail in her hand while blabbing about her best friend being her lover and then just a friend then her true love… guess that’s how one “LOVES” Dallas, eh? Overall, kudos to her for landing a ‘spin off!” One has to fully understand that REALITY TV is NOT REALITY… sucks that people like her get paid to be in the limelight but we all have our 10-mins of fame.. or more if we’re fortunate, as in her case. She has to be on television to make her feel ‘special’ and ‘loved’ when in reality, I think she’ll love anything & anyone after downing a few & trust me, the way she is on the ‘boobtube’ is the way she really is… that’s the reality of it all… sad but true… I don’t think even Ursula, the Sea Witch, can help this little Ariel find her true love… one can only dream of a ‘Disney-ending’ to her love story!

  • BePositive

    @JoJo, my comment was not meant to put down waiters, bartenders, etc. The meaning of the sentence, as written, is to wonder why slam a girl for being in retail when several people who I’m sure are ridiculing her are also in the “service” industry. Now hurry and go change, your shift starts in 2 hours. 🙂

  • Brandy

    Why are people so negative and judgemental??? I say congratulations to Courtney – clearly she has enough of a fan base for her own show. Nice job!

  • Wm B Travis

    World Class City. Straining.

  • Cal Girl

    Im not from your state, but there is a stereotype
    that a lot of us think of when we think of Texas- Dallas- we lump. I am doing business in your state and I am interested in your culture, style etc.. I was taken with the romantic notions of the Southern Gentlemen and the tidy well honed manners of a Texan Belle. I was intrigued by the Existance of a Social hierarchy of the Texas women and this is my take away?- luckily the ratio of people who make negative comments to the actual viewership doesn’t qualify as a comparison. Even if none of the people who have formed opinions about an “entertainment product” ever watched it. It’s still not even respectable math. I am a small business owner. Can I see a raise of hands?… I could fail. I am transparent also, you could say disrespectful things about what I do. The important thing is I do something that I chose and worked harder than you could possibly imagine to do it. It is beyond ignorant to equate “her day job” to her intelligence or aspirations. Also as ignorant is any comments about her passion. Fashion as it is just about as subjective as art. To that end, for some reason you need a platform to excercise your right to be distasteful. I bet you have a remote, excercise that if you need to empower yourself. They won’t count you, you didn’t watch – look at that… you win!

  • Bella

    Well, here’s my take…. I was not particularly fond of Courtney on MED, but frankly, I was not really fond of any of the cast members. Although I did enjoy the occasional witty jab by the rich gay dude from time to time. Otherwise, I found them all to be wholly unimpressive in every way and a tad cheesy. I do, however, occasionally visit her website to check out her fashion tips because I like some of the clothes she wears … although some of them are just over the top silly and don’t comport with my fashion style (which I like to refer to as “classic modern”)…and others are just not flattering to her body type (ditch the peplum blouses with skinny jeans honey, trust me). And that top knot on her head … bless her heart. The girl has gorgeous hair and that look just does nothing for her. Plus, I am just OVER all the statement necklaces .. we get it…. So, all that said, I tend to pick and choose a few items from her blog that are cute and also investigate a few shops I had never heard of. Of course, now that she is being targeted by certain designers to wear their clothes for publicity, it seems the authenticity of her blog is dwindling … Does she really like these clothes or is she being paid to act like she likes them? Hmmmm….

    My prophetic gift to you all: the show will not last a year. It just cannot garner enough interest. Of course, the only shows on Bravo I have ever really loved are Project Runway and Flipping Out.

    Oh, and I AM a lawyer not someone in the service industry. Although the previous poster was correct – there are lots of vicious, rude and hateful lawyers. We just have better grammar.

  • CS

    I like Courtney because she is portrayed as a laid-back single girl who happens to like fashion… However, I have heard some pretty nasty things about her in real life such as her entitlement issues from trying to get free things from local shops to acting like she is too good… I’m happy for her, but wish Bravo would have chosen a better representative in the Dallas fashion-dating world rather than someone who is not even from Dallas, did not go to college in Dallas, or has contributed anything valuable to the Dallas community.

  • Lawson.caitlin

    If Bravo really wanted to highlight the “social” life of Dallas, then they could have found a girl in either Slipper or Cotillion Club. Come on, what self-respecting person goes to a public college? Gross.

  • Mr Ed

    Courtney Kerr’s new program on TVLand “The Bride of Mr Ed”. Having a horse face is ok, but having a horse face and thinking you are hot is delusional.

  • something to say

    I actually know courtney kerr, not well, but I know her, and the most important thing is not that she works at sunglass hut or that she is snobby for absolutely no reason, but it is that she is a horrible person. I have literally heard her say she was “sitting back and judging people haha” she talks badly about everyone, is phony, and is a total social climber. she honestly doesn’t even deserve anyones comments but I thought that someone should speak the truth about this girl.

  • Jordan

    Something to say: You seem like the kind of person that would throw someone under the bus before someone could blink twice. I love people who comment behind other’s people’s backs and hide behind their IP address. You’re an adult, that’s enough. You must not know Courtney well, but applause on your enthusiasm.

  • anna

    the way she bullied neill and was so small minded and brainless – i won’t be watching her new show.

  • anna

    i think there must be thousands of more interesting, intelligent, amusing and fashion forward woman on Dallas that are not only qualified for the job but will be less inclined to be judgmental, small minded and sickening. She is horrible.