Burl Osborne, R.I.P.

I’m not sure why the DMN would put this news behind its paywall, but the paper’s former executive editor and publisher has passed. The first two graphs of the story:

Burl Osborne, who led The Dallas Morning News to a come-from-behind victory in one of the last great newspaper wars, died late Wednesday at UT Southwestern University Hospital. He was 75.

Mr. Osborne woke up not feeling well Wednesday. His death was not related to his kidney transplants, his family said.


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  • tinkerbell

    Tremendous journalist and mentor. Though we hadn’t worked together in some years, I loved bumping into Burl around town. He will be missed.

  • Ex-colleague

    Why would they put all the helpful West Nile stuff behind a paywall when there’s a public threat and crisis? Because they won that newspaper war and they can do it.

  • Bill Marvel

    More than any other single person, Burl was responsible for the News beating the Times Herald. He was smart and tough. He had come a long way from the coalfields of West Virginia. He was very conscious of that and it made him even smarter and tougher.

  • Salad Sally

    Thanks to Burl Ives, or whatever, we are now a traditional newspaper vs. a tabloid newspaper town. Thanks DMN! Marvel, you are a fossil.

  • Bill Marvel

    May you also live long enough to be a fossil.