Bill Fong Documentary In the Works

If you’ll recall, for the July issue of D Magazine, I wrote a feature about a bowler in Plano named Bill Fong, and his incredible run at three straight 300s–a perfect series in bowling parlance. Soon, Deadspin picked up the story. Then there were Bill Fong-inspired t-shirts. Now Joey Daoud, a film maker from Miami, is working on a Bill Fong documentary. Here’s the Kickstarter page that explains the project.

Joey’s plan: “My goal is to make a stylish and exciting short documentary about Bill Fong’s legendary bowling streak and its aftermath…I thought the story was too great for it not to be a movie. It was not just about bowling. It was about a universal human experience: wanting to achieve success or perfection and the obstacles and sacrifices that come with trying to do so.”

I’ve talked with Joey about this and I’m very curious to see how it goes. He’s envisioning several Big Lebowski allusions, which is solid gold in my book. (I’m hoping for the chance to participate in some recreation of this scene.) Filming starts in Plano next week.