Armendariz Speaks Out in Texas Trib Interview

Al Armendariz, former regional chief of the EPA, doesn’t like natural gas. He doesn’t think much of coal, either. And he believes his old agency under President Obama has an “unmatched” record of accomplishment. All this from a Q&A with Armendariz over at the Texas Tribune, which scored the first public interview with the former SMU prof since he quit his EPA post under fire and threw in with the Sierra Club.


  • Brown Bess

    “….there are a number of environmental problems associated with the production and use of natural gas that the industry needs to address – air emissions in the natural fields being one, the proper disposal of the flow-back waters and fracking fluids, as well as the reduction of fugitive methane leaks from the natural gas infrastructure. I would highlight those as being principal issues that the NG industry needs to address.” These are all true statements, and point to a more responsible way to mine a process gas. No where in the interview does Armendariz say we must not drill. You’re going to have to mau-mau better Hunter.