African-American Dallas City Council Members Walk Out of Meeting in Protest

The council was considering municipal judges today, and the African-American members of the council – Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Tennell Atkins, Councilman Dwaine Caraway, and Councilwomen Vonciel Jones Hill and Carolyn Davis – felt there were fewer African-Americans than there should be among the choices, Oak Cliff People reports:

As the four councilmembers walked out, a contingent of residents began shouting at Rawlings.

“Where the black people going?”

“Oh, this is a white people thing?”

Following the vote, Caraway vowed to fight the appointments.

“You all wanted to play games, well the games just begun,” Caraway said.


  • Critic

    Caraway has been playing games way too long

  • Spectator

    Makes me almost miss Diane Ragsdale.

  • M.RN

    How are the people placed for consideration? Election, appointment, random?

  • Doc

    Me thinks the longstanding “arrangements” b/w North Dallas and South Dallas are starting to fall apart. Damn that FBI and its interference with the political machine.

  • justin

    whitey will give in

    blacks have figured out the white leftists game

  • JasonM

    I’m sorry, but the black “establishment” of Dallas is a complete joke, and so are the people who vote for them.

    We need a new generation of black leadership, and the voters of South Dallas need to stop being complete idiots, if at all possible.