A Chat Session With a MyPlates.com Saleswoman

An alert FrontBurnervian noticed that MyPlates.com sells a license plate for the Texas Stars, which he found curious. So on his lunch break, he got online with a MyPlates.com sales rep to figure out what the what. The full transcript:

info: Please wait for a site operator to respond.
info: You are now chatting with ‘Victoria’
Victoria: Thank you for visiting MyPlates.com. I’ll be happy to assist you with your personalized license plate today online. May I please have your first name?
Roger: Hi Victoria. Did you know it should be Dallas Stars?
Victoria: Can you please clarify your question.
Victoria: We have two Dallas Cowboys plaets.
Roger: http://www.myplates.com/DesignSeries/PLPD205
Victoria: plate*
Roger: Your site has a Texas Stars plate. There is no team called the Texas Stars. It’s the Dallas Stars.
Victoria: Texas Stars is a minor league Hockey Team.
Roger: So they are. Do you have a lot of takers for those?
Victoria: We do have lots of Hockey fans.
Roger: A lot of Texas Stars fans, though?
Victoria: Yes, of course.
Victoria: What message are you interested in today?
Roger: I was interested in Dallas Stars…you don’t have that, though, correct?

Victoria: We have a Dallas Stars plate for the Cowboys.
Roger: But not the hockey team?
Victoria: Not at this time we are always accepting new sponsorships.
Roger: I see. So the teams pay (sponsor) to be included?
Victoria: Yes that is correct.
Roger: So my hockey team is just too cheap to allow me to get a plate and advertise for them? That hurts.
Victoria: You can have contact them and have them contact us we may have them in the process.
Roger: I see. I will do that. Do you have a favorite plate you could suggest in its place?
Victoria: Yes, what color do you like?
Roger: My car is a dark blue. What do you like? What do you think looks good?
Victoria: Texas Black 1845 let me get you a link its my Favorite!
Victoria: Click here to view Texas Black 1845.
Roger: You don’t think that will clash with dark blue?
Victoria: No, but let me show my other favorite.
Victoria: Click here to view Lone Star Silver.
Victoria: Where you able to click on the link?
Victoria: Do you like it?
Roger: I was able to click on it. I do like it, but I’m not a Cowboys fan. Do you think people will think Cowboys with the blue and silver combo? I don’t want to be associated with the Cowboys. Jerry Jones makes me mad.
Victoria: Oh no not at all!
Roger: Really, though. Jerry Jones, right? They guy’s nuts. Did you hear him talking about glory holes at training camp? That’s not appropriate.
Victoria: No, honestly I am not a football fan but I am going to have to google the story.
Victoria: How about Texas Tough.
Roger: You should. People have turned his comments into a rave remix. Now that’s funny.
Victoria: Oh I will.
Roger: That is tough looking. My car is an Altima. That’s not very tough.
Victoria: Did you like the Texas Tough.
Victoria: I like Altimas.
Roger: Yeah, I can dig it.
Roger: It’s a pretty sweet ride, actually.
Roger: I got the sound system all tricked out.
Victoria: Is it the 2 door one?
Roger: exactly!
Roger: I thought I’d need like a Z, but the ladies like this one, it seems.
Victoria: Sweet it’s an awesome car the 2 door one kinda similar to an infinity.
Roger: Hey, I like animals. Do you have plates that can help animals?
Victoria: That is a previously existing specialty license plates created through Statute by the Texas Legislature. You can see all of them by clicking on the Charity Plates button on our website or visiting the below link.
Victoria: http://www.txdmv.gov/vehicles/license_plates.htm
Roger: Do you guys make money off those?
Roger: After talking with me this long, I’d like to give you some business.
Roger: Are you in Texas?
Victoria: Yes, I am in Texas.
Victoria: The TxDMV gets all the money for all of the plates.
Victoria: The charity plates are with the TxDMV.
Roger: Oh
Roger: That stinks.
Roger: But I really like the WWF plate with the panda. Pandas look cute, but they’re actually quite strong and vicious.
Victoria: What about Red with your car?
Roger: I like to think I’m like a panda.
Victoria: Me too!
Roger: I like red. Do you get comission?
Victoria: Pandas are so cute I did not know they are vicious. No commission only bragging rights and paper bucks to shop at our work botique.
Roger: If you do, I’ll go red. If not, I’ll probably go panda.
Roger: Oh, that’s nice. What can you buy there?
Victoria: Different themes each month on items now I’m saving for a kindall fire.
Victoria: Click here to view WWF.
Victoria: Where you able to click on the link?
Roger: That’s awesome. I got one of those about six months ago. It totally changed the way I read.
Victoria: Awesome! I’m super excited to get one.
Roger: Yes, that’s the plate I meant.
Roger: Can I fit “Stop China” on it?
Victoria: We only allow 6 letters we can try STPCNA?
Roger: Because they’re killing all the pandas.
Roger: H8CHNA ??
Roger: Will that pass the censors? Are there censors?
Victoria: Maybe but anything that is objectionable will be declined.
Roger: Seriously, though. They pollute so much, and they don’t like when they have girls. That’s crazy.
Roger: Ok. I’ll give it a try.
Victoria: Okay, you can try it and if it is declined you will have the option to appeal or get a refund.
Roger: Oh, wait. You don’t get store dollars that way. Maybe I’ll just put H8CHNA on the red plate.
Victoria: Or chang your message.
Roger: That makes sense, since they have red on their flag.
Victoria: If you order with me I will get credit.
Roger: But then it doesn’t help the pandas.
Victoria: Does not matter the plate.
Victoria: Lets help the pandas!
Roger: Oh, ok. Do I just put your name in or something?
Roger: Or a code?
Victoria: No, if you order goes through I will get credit they track it with our numbers.
Victoria: Click here to viwe H8CHNA.
Roger: If I need to think about it…about the message…how do I make sure you get credit?
Victoria: You can email me me at [email protected] and I can call you to place your order or you can get back online and ask for me.
Roger: Sweet.
Roger: Thanks for your help, Victoria. I’m going to come up with a more secret message.
Victoria: Yes, the plates are fully transferable and you will save the most with the 5 or 10 year.
Roger: I hope you have big plans for this weekend.
Victoria: Oh yes, 3 day weekend for me.
Roger: Oh, I’m going to hate China 10 years from now, that’s for sure.
Roger: Awesome! The Rangers are in town. You going to check them out? First place!
Victoria: Unfortunately, no..
Victoria: Is there anything else I can help you with at this time?
Roger: No. Go earn some paper, Victoria.
Roger: I’ll email when I’m ready!
info: Your chat transcript will be sent to [redacted] at the end of your chat.
Victoria: Sounds good, you have a great weekend! I look forward to hearing from you.
Victoria: Thanks for visiting myplates.com today! If you need any further assistance you can contact us at 1-(888)-769-7528 weekdays between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm CST.


  • Dirt Monkey

    “Victoria: Or chang your message.”


  • beccalyn

    That was great. Thank you for the laugh.

  • Uppercase Matt

    Roger’s kind of dick, isn’t he?

    And the Dallas Stars plate is in the works.

  • Jim
  • TLS

    She sounds really sweet. Let’s all order out plates from Victoria Miranda and get that girl a Kindle Fire!

  • Wes Mantooth

    I wonder if they have a plate celebrating Low Hanging Fruit. Roger should get one of those.

  • D

    Let’s just get her a Kindle Fire.

  • Mark

    Roger’s not much of a fan if he didn’t even know the name of the Stars’ farm club, for whom Gulutzan coached just before he came to Dallas.

    Timmy’s “kind of d*ck”, too, for posting Roger’s e-mail address, but then we already knew that.

  • Open Letter…..

    @timmytyper I’m surprised you did not abuse your publicdata.com account and publish poor Victoria’s license plate number. Poor form (again), sir.

  • McMung

    This is the stuff I miss from the Met.