WFAA’s Debbie Denmon Has Left the Building

Uncle Barky is reporting that yesterday WFAA news director Carolyn Mungo notified co-anchor Debbie Denmon that her contract  would not be renewed. Debbie announced on her Facebook page, “So effective immediately, today is my last day with the station.”

It shouldn’t be a huge surprise since the relationship has been as touchy as Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise since Debbie filed and lost a lawsuit claiming discrimination last year against the Belo station.


  • Mike

    Maybe she can take Greg Fields with her, he can’t complete a sentence without a dozen umms. Does anyone in management there ever watch their newscasts?

  • Sharme

    And Shaun Gables too!!!!!! That girl drives me crazy!!!!!!!

  • Billyboy

    The long arm of the law will catch up w/ Shon Gables eventually.

  • Channel 8 should now hire Jane McGarry!

  • Spectator

    What drives me crazy from Greg Fields is his saying, “We will have rain ON tomorrow.”
    In grammar I was taught, you may have rain tomorrow, or have rain on whatever day is the day after the day to which you are referring, i.e. “We will have rain on Friday,” but not, “On tomorrow.”
    The same with on accident.
    Shouldn’t it be by accident?
    And on purpose?

  • Neal

    Am I the only one who likes Ed Bark but avoids his website because it’s too annoying to navigate?

  • Floyd

    The victory goes Debbie!!  You ask me how?   Bottom line, Debbie has shown her professionalism, grace and class through this whole senseless ordeal.  WFAA should be ashamed of themselves for not using ethical and “common sense” promotion tactics for their employees.  Then when they get called out on their practices they get mad and want to kick the sand castle down and pick up their bucket and shovel.  Debbie has been one of the most seasoned team members whose been there to add validity to the station for many of years.  Its’ your lost WFAA for not renewing her contract!!  Find someone else to fill in at the drop of hat to anchor a newscast.   Find someone else to run over to Fort Worth for a late breaking story and get a “quality annunciated” report off the cuff.   Don’t lie to yourself Channel 8!!  You actually did all of this… thought you could frustrate her to the point of giving up and quitting!!!  But only because Debbie has a gift and higher responsibility to the viewing audience did she not once let her viewers see her rattled.  Actually she cares more about the viewers than Channel 8 ever has.  Debbie platform is much greater and will be shown without hindrance.    Debbie has done nothing but demonstrate what she is through and through…………REAL.      Thank God for the Debbie Denmons who still stand on REAL values and integrity when doing a job.

  • Eric Foster

    TV news is devolving into one long “Entertainment Tonight”
    Real journalists were replaced long ago with models who will soon be replaced with computer-generated ‘talent’ who are designed to be pretty, well-endowed, more white than the population, thought and lawyer free. Nothing will stop this train wreck.

  • Charm Offensive

    Neal: YES!

  • Glo

    For those who are critical, perhaps you should trying watching another channel.

  • GREG

    Debbie may have been overweight. Maybe she’s not a size 1 like a lot of America considers to be a “perfect” size. With all that being said, there is not a better news person in the DFW area. She is professional and knowledgeable, and that’s what most people who want the news reported will ask for. With a great majority of the US citizenry being overweight, I wonder how many of you that are passing judgement on Ms. Denmon are typing with one hand while holding a twinkee in the other. While Debbie will definitely land on her feet, many of you when standing can’t even see yours.

  • Jackie McFalls

    Debbie is the best newscaster ever and the comsamate professional. Clear annunciation and smooth quality reporting. She is genuine and caring. Believe she will land on her feet and shame on Channel 8. They have done something like this to several of their people and as long as they think they can get away with it, they will continue this venue. I no longer watch Channel 8. I only watched Debbie and now they have belittled her I am done.

  • Linda Archer

    They should have her back in the mornings and get rid of beavis and butt head. What ever happened to reporting the news without stupidity.

  • Gloria


    Sorry to see you go. Hang in there sister. I know what it is like to be treated badly by previous employers. Each day is a new day. There is a rainbow out there for you. Apply forward thinking and gear up with fuel for the future and don’t give power to the past.

    Keep the faith.

  • Larry F

    Well WFAA you really dropped a whatever in your you know what. You got Gubber and Gomer in the mornings who likes to play games instead introducing real news facts, Real cute yeah, real cute, and now you have a babbling brook who needs to learn how to tie her shoes and speaks more like a druggie on a high. Yep when you make a comment that Chevy trucks are Ford tough, well that was a real adlib that even a rookie would NOT make. What the heck were you thinking when you let one of the jewels of Dallas take leave of the area. With a t team or staff like this, it wasn’t much of a challenge for Channel Four to be number one news team in Dallas, and they are as boring as watching paint dry on the wall. Most of us want accurate and to the point News Casting, instead of whatever the heck have now.

  • SH

    To MIKE, SHARME,BILLY BOY,and Lewp. I was always taught that if you don’t have anything good to say about a person ,don’t say nothing at all. Perhapes you wasn’t. Who put a gun on you and told you to watch that channel. while you all are pointing your finger the thumb is pointing back at you. Try it. You are only hurting yourself. these people don’t care about what you all say.they are going on about their business. Like you all should be doing. Some people are to intelligent, and decent. you wouldn’t know about this.

  • SH

    Spectator you sound like a dictator, You are not talking about nothing. remember those are just words. sounds like a personal problem to me. If you people spend some of this time on your knees praying you wouldn’t have time for all this bull. some of you are going to burst hell wide open.

  • SH

    Good luck Debbie; God knows all and see all. When one door close, another is always open. and so it was.

  • On behave of the “late” debbie denmon i would like to say, ” don’t cry for me Argenti….”. I say the late because channel 8 lost what could have been a continuing asset to their network station and continuing great rating for the great benefit of the great people as well as, ah…what is it called, “The great Bello”?…. Yea anyway, as big and dark as it seems she’s being viewed, she has character and a temperament that will carry her further. Far further than where “BELLO” could take her. Besides, big and dark is the beauty in the eye of the beholders. In this case, it is her most devoted fans, namely the public…even all the way from New York. Cudos to you, Debbie on your future.

    From New York i’m moises mejia(: