We Have A New Blog: D Healthcare Daily

Here is everything you need to know about our new blog, D Healthcare Daily, which will cover the business of (surprise) healthcare in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. A quick primer before you click: it’s led by Stephn B. Jacob, author of Healthcare in 2020: Where Uncertain Reform, Bad Habits, Too Few Doctors, and Skyrocketing Costs Are Taking Us, and formerly a publisher with the Star-Telegram, where he also wrote nationally syndicated healthcare columns by the McClatchy Tribune News Service. He’s an adjunct faculty member at UNT’s School of Public Health. The site has more than 30 contributing editors (and growing) and will have daily news stories (hence the name) and three weekly e-newsletters: D Healthcare Digest, D Healthcare MD (for physicians), D Healthcare PM (for practice managers). The site’s advisory council is after the jump, along with Thompson Twins’ “Doctor, Doctor.”

Advisory Council:

Joel Allison

President and CEO, Baylor Health Care System

Lola Chriss

Manager of Health Benefits, Texas Instruments

Tyler Cooper, M.D.

CEO, Cooper Aerobics Enterprises

Robert Earley

President and CEO, JPS Health Network

Cathy Eddy

President, Health Plan Alliance

Cyndie Ewert

Director of Benefits, Energy Future Holdings

Douglas Hawthorne

CEO, Texas Health Resources

Jonathan Henderson

Partner, Polsinelli Shughart

Ralph Holmes

President, Aetna Health Inc. of Texas

Sandy Lutz

Managing Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Ken Malcomson

West Central Region CEO, Humana Inc.

Daniel K. Podolsky

President, UT Southwestern Medical Center

Eduardo Sanchez, M.D.

Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas

Bruce Sammis

CEO, Lockton Dunning Benefits

Scott Seale

Vice President of Benefits, Neiman Marcus

Cynthia Sherry, M.D.

President-Elect, Dallas County Medical Society

Hubert Zajicek

Managing Director, Medical Technology at North Texas Enterprise Center


  • amanda

    Umm, is this where I bring up an itch that just can’t be scratched?

  • Kk

    I kind of hate that you are writing about healthcare with a bunch of insurance executives on your advisory council. Admittedly this is a knee jerk reaction of a former cancer patient. How much profit did Humana, Aetna, blue cross, JPS, Health plan alliance, etc. make mostly by denying needed health care to their clients last year?

  • JB

    I feel what Kk says as obviously Healthcare is BIG business in Dallas. Because of that patients often unknowingly find themselves in an adversarial situation when they seek basic care and get bills for treatment they thought was covered. Also, there are so many other Providers involved and in the trenches of Healthcare these days besides M.D.’s. Believe it or not there are D.O.’s, D.C.’s, D.P.M’s, P.A’s, P.T.’s, PhD’s and nurses, all doing good work, not to mention the patients themselves. I hope they have a voice on your blog as well.