This Picture of a Tortured Dog in Parker County Will Break Your Heart

It just about broke mine, and I don’t even like pets.  See it here.

Gotta agree with Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler:

“I can’t imagine what would bring a person to such an evil act. We are fortunate to have found her when we did. Our investigators have seen some pretty terrible things in their careers, but this case is deeply disturbing and leaves us shocked.”


  • D. Shapiro

    7 billion people on this planet. A lot of them are awful.

  • NewsJunkie

    The type of person who would do this to a helpless creature is a monster. They should be prosecuted as a danger to society. I can only imagine what they would do to an fussy toddler.

  • amanda

    Agree with NJ…anyone who would do this to an animal could completely lose it, and hurt a baby, toddler, child…elderly person. What is disturbing to me in this is the “layering” of the “punishment.” (Pulling the tongue out, taping the mouth…plenty of time to come to your senses.)

    Jason, if there is a fund for expenses, will you post it so we know where we can help with the medical expenses?

  • Bruce

    My hope is that the dog recovers well and finds a loving family. My other hope is that they find the miscreant that did this duct taped to a tree in the lion area at the Fort Worth zoo

  • Urban dweller

    Nothing much will happen to the person who did this if they do catch them. This is Texas, and animals aren’t held in high regard. I bet the guys who set the poor puppy on fire get off easy too. The bubbas all think “it’s just a dog.”

  • Sotiredofitall

    Urban Dweller is clueless; jack with a dog in Texas like this and you better hope you get into the court system and not turned over to the public.

  • Albert

    And now on liveleak there’s a vid of a cat buried to its neck in cement. Words fail me.