Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: July 31

Please allow me to introduce myself.

Some of you may be aware that I do an occasional beer tasting thing over on SideDish called Beers With Friends. Chief among the complaints, insults and aspersions of character aside, is that we (my three friends, and I) have meanly left out Dallas-brewed beer. We should have, a super helpful and kind commenter noted on July 18, included Deep Ellum Brewing’s new Wealth & Taste Belgian-style blonde ale.

I responded that we would have loved to, except the beer wasn’t even hitting taps until today. Actually, that’s not precisely what I said–I said something about d-bags and time travel, but this is a family blog and I, unlike Aaron Sorkin, am not on a mission to civilize the internet. I’m on a mission to tell you that there’s a party tonight at The Common Table in Uptown to celebrate the release of Wealth & Taste, which I’m actually pretty excited about. The guys from DEBC should be around, and it’ll be tapped at 5 pm sharp, hopefully to the tune of “Sympathy for the Devil,” since members of RTB2 and Descender promise Stones covers along with other musical accompaniment.

Also this evening, new French bistro Boulevardier has its soft open if you feel like trying something new. Bishop Arts, of course, seems the perfect place to put a French restaurant, I like the look of the wine list, and I love a good croque madame. Magically, all the cocktails manage to be less expensive than basically anything at Whitehall Exchange just around the corner. Thumbs up. And while you’re thinking about Oak Cliff, head over to FrontRow and enter today’s Best of Big D giveaway. It’s two pairs of tickets to the Texas Theatre.

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