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Senate Race Entertainment Nearing the End


Paul Burka of Texas Monthly seems to think Ted Cruz will whip David Dewhurst next Tuesday, likely becoming the state’s next U.S. Senator. But even though “The Dew” was painfully awkward in a televised tea-party debate last night–and the Senate is known historically for its silver-tongued devils–I’m not sure Cruz is such a lock. The tea-party fave invariably seems surly, maybe even sour; just not a very likeable guy. On the other hand, the lite guv’s got a business background and a record of accomplishment in Austin going for him. (And, don’t forget that last-minute endorsement by Tom Leppert!) The outcome will be much-watched nationally as a test of tea-party strength, whoever turns out the most voters in the end. And I will miss the nasty, truth-twisting, down-in-the-gutter attack ads, which have been highly entertaining (the first couple of thousand viewings, anyway).