Schnurman: AA’s CEO Slinging Mud, Looking Small

Over on the Star-Telegram website, business columnist (and D CEO contributing editor) Mitchell Schnurman takes American Airlines CEO Tom Horton to the woodshed, saying Horton’s been muddying AA’s message and making himself “look small” in the process. Don’t hold back, Mitch; tell us what you really think:

“Horton’s initial strategy was to stay focused on a stand-alone business, get through a long Chapter 11 to-do list and stay above the fray. He started out rock solid, unflappable and disciplined. But that’s over.

“Horton is now slinging mud and revising history, and it must feel like panic city on Amon Carter Boulevard. Horton has been mocking Parker for campaigning by press conferences. Guess who’s going to be mocked now?”

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