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Robert Wilonsky Declares Dallas “The Greatest City in the World, By Far”

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The Dallas Morning News has produced the video you see above. It’s an interesting piece of work. The editor of the Dallas Observer, Joe Tone, certainly thought so. I direct you to his comment about Robert Wilonsky, his former employee. Me, I was more curious about the statement that Wilonsky makes at the end of the video. Listen, I love Dallas. Happy to live here since 1976 or so. But the greatest city in the world? By far? I don’t think even Mayor Rawlings would feel comfortable with that claim.

Side note: I tried to leave a comment on Tone’s post and encountered the Observer‘s new sign-in widget called My Voice Nation. As Ms. Brown would say, ain’t nobody got time for that. (Addendum to side note: I reserve the right to change my stance on this sign-in widget the minute we install our own suchlike widget.)