One Day Till Commencement of Great Tuxedo Challenge of 2012

Tomorrow is the big day. The challenge begins. And, as it turns out, tomorrow I will attend a funeral. A few of the ladies in the office have suggested that wearing a tux to a funeral is not a good idea — not because the garb itself is inappropriate but because I’ll be doing a bit, and doing a bit at a funeral is poor form. I tried to argue that it would be possible for me to “wear the tux seriously” tomorrow, at least for the duration of the funeral. The ladies didn’t seem to buy it.

My question to you, then: is it poor form to wear a tux to a funeral if said tux is a high-jinksy prop?

Follow-up question: is Patron XO Cafe a good beverage to bring to a funeral?


  • Stacy L.

    I think any high-jinksy prop is inappropriate at a funeral, but that’s just me.

  • Kk

    Blah, blah, blah, excuses, excuses. You wear it, even if it’s your own funeral.
    Every funeral I’ve attended would’ve been improved with some tequila.

  • TLS

    I don’t think you should wear the tux to the funeral. Would you wear a banana suit to a funeral? Not quite the same thing but both will draw attention to you for the wrong reasons.

    Oh, and every time you guys mention Patron XO Cafe I’m gonna a slam a beer.

  • Capasso

    Whether a bit or not, you must wear the tux. Unless you will be running laps, doing your Insanity workout, or wiggling your ShakeWeights during the funeral (which would then qualify as your daily workout hour, and therefore a tuxedo exemption).

    @TLS, yes, I would wear a banana suit to a funeral. As a matter of fact, it has long been my plan to wear said banana suit to Tim’s funeral, wildly drunk on Patron XO cafe, laughing and spitting and cursing and tell off-color jokes about birds and plastic surgeons throughout the ceremony, telling all who will listen that the money is all mine! Mine I say! I have won the tontine! Suck it Rogers! Suck it! All the while, Little Timmy lies in state, looking as good as a dead guy can in a Brioni tuxedo.

  • Ket

    Adjust the tux with a nice collared shirt and a regular black tie and it could work. Go with a vest instead of the cumberbun if the rules require.

    Patron is always classy. Even at a funeral. Especially at a funeral?

  • Avid Reader

    I am a no for the tux at the funeral. However, it would only be appropriate to bring the patron xo cafe to a funeral if you are in a tux. So….

  • @TLS: That’s a really good question. Would I wear a banana suit to a funeral? I need more data before I can answer this question. Who died and what is the deceased’s relationship to me? Is the funeral before or after 6 p.m.? What season is it? What material is the banana suit made from? Finally, how much Patron XO Cafe have I had to drink?

  • TLS

    I’m so drunk from slamming beers that I can only answer one of your questions. The banana suit is made out of bananas. It’s not a costume, fool! Real Guatemalan bananas complete with produce code #4011.

    • @TLS: Oh! That changes things. My answer is yes.

  • clark

    You need to move beyond the idea that you are doing a bit. Okay, you are doing a bit. But you are doing it at work, and in life, and is your work a bit? Your life? In work, and in life, aren’t you able to withdraw from the straitened morass of the humdrum, in which anything less than perfect rote grind must amount to insubordination, disrespect, flamboyance? Your writing, often, tells me, yes. It is your work and your life to transcend the ordinary. To exalt the transcendent among the everyday. You can take yourself, and a funeral, seriously in other ways than by dressing like everyone else. It’s not like you are wearing a jockstrap and sunglasses. If you had chosen to wear a jockstrap and sunglasses for a month it might be harder to sell that at a funeral, but the point is you DIDN’T. Just do your job, man. You don’t have to “take yourself seriously” to take yourself seriously.

  • Gabe

    Did the rules you worked out say you couldn’t wear anything over the tux? If not…just buy a suit two sizes two big and wear it over the tux.

  • Amy S

    I don’t know which made more wine come out of my nose:

    “[A]s good as a dead guy can in a Brioni tuxedo”, or

    “It’s not like you are wearing a jockstrap and sunglasses.”

  • cbs

    definitely go with the banana suit. In fact I shall demand all at my funeral are dressed in banana suits (or alternatively jockstaps and sunglasses).

    If the funeral is of a friend, bits should be expected and appreciated (and sorry for your loss). If of a fancy acquantaince, skip it. They will not miss you or your classless antics.

  • Bill Murchsion


  • Eric Celeste

    I like the way Gabe thinks. Outside-the-box man. And, jeez, lighten up, Murchison. Patron XO shots?