My New Favorite Thing of All Time: Brent Smith and Jason Treu

Brent Smith and Jason Treu have written a book together called Jump Start Your Social Life: A Man’s Guide To Building an Amazing Social Life in 30 Days or Less. To launch this book, they had a party at Candle Room. That’s where this video was made. Watch it immediately. After you’ve had some time to digest this amazing anthropological artifact and wonder whether you are capable of acquiring “next-level social skills,” I will point you to some more Brent Smith videos.


  • I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and dog gone it, people like me!!!!

    Not to be rude here, but these guys don’t much give me a desire to go beat the traffic in 105 degree heat to go get this book.

  • Al

    SURELY they’re kidding. It’s really the only explanation. “We’ve attended thousands of parties over the years….”

  • Please don’t call me SURELY.

  • Downtownist

    I read this “book” in 15 minutes. It boils down to:
    1. Talk to people!
    2. Champagne is classy!

    Boom. Gatorade me, b!tches.

  • Eric Celeste

    “Inner is where it’s at.” That’s what SHE said. HI-YO!

  • Ballsack

    “Geared toward guys.” Hmmm….. wonder why…

  • RW

    I did not watch the video, but once, while staying at the Hollywood Roosevelt, a friend and I were casually invited by some of the guests at one of their parties to join. We had been told by some ladies that all of the guys hanging out had all traveled from around the world to be there to learn how to be less socially awkward. I felt really bad joining the ultra-strange party, since i had not shelled out the tens of thousands of dollars that all these guys had apparently paid, but WHO COULD RESIST?!?! It was disturbing on so many levels. These men were awkwardly introducing themselves to me and it could not be more clear that they were practicing their freshly acquired social skills on me. The women – to their credit – were not prostitutes and were very kind to these guys as they practiced. I am sure they were all there hoping to meet the geeky man of their dreams. I met a computer programmer prodigy from Germany – arrogant mogul-type behind the keyboard, an un-funny Zach Galifinakis anywhere else. I met a Saudi guy. A couple of LA locals. And then I met a guy who told me he was from Dallas. Preston Hollow to be exact. I could not help but shout “BUSTED” but promised never to mention this if I ever saw him around town. I eventually met Brent, featured above, who gave me a soft sell that confirmed that I must look as socially awkward as I feel. In the end, I just wanted to slap some sense into these guys. Super nice, friendly guys who just needed to catch a break with the ladies.