Leading Off (7/30/12)

Orange Line Opens: While I know we’re all excited we can now take DART out to the beautiful canals at Las Colinas and take a tour of the city’s defunct monorail, WFAA asks the real question regarding the opening of the first leg of DART’s Orange Line: When will we be able to ride it to DFW Airport?

Burglars Steal Gear From Dino Dig: Yes, it is really terrible that some crooks nabbed about $1,000 worth of gear from the site of an Arlington fossil dig. But I can’t get over the fact that researchers may have found a new species of Protohdros and a new species of Theropod in north Arlington.

Sports Bits: Granbury Native Wins Gold, Sets World Record; Cowboys Start Training Camp: Eight years after medaling at the Olympics as a teenager and four years after almost quitting the sport, Granbury’s Dana Vollmer took home a gold medal in the 100 meter butterfly Sunday after setting a world record in the final and becoming the first woman to swim the race in under 56 seconds. Speaking of closing windows of opportunity, there’s a sense of urgency at Cowboys camp, which kicks off in Oxnard today.

Update: Last time I was out in Las Colinas there was no monorail service, so I thought it went the way of Springfield’s. Turns out you can still rock the monorail.


  • La La Las Colinas

    The monorail is defunct? Since when?

  • fruitdog

    So looking at Dart’s handy travel time chart http://www.dart.org/schedules/rail/traveltimes30jul12.pdf it takes 78 minutes to get from Paker Road to the Irving Convention Center. There are two more stations being built before you get to the DFW station, so tack on another 15 minutes to get to the airport. That gets you to 93 minutes. So for that 8 am flight you’d be needing to leave the house at around 4:15am since you need to arrive at the airport 2 hours before your flight. It’s too bad the first train doesn’t leave the parker road until 6am.

  • muncien

    The APT is not a monorail system. Not even close. Its more of a four wheeled minibus driving on an elevated roadway. And the “A” in APT doesn’t exactly apply since its not currently aotomated.