Leading Off (7/27/12)

Cornyn Has a Seeeeeeeeecret. John Cornyn is going to vote today in the Dewhurst-Cruz runoff. But he isn’t telling, ever, he says, who he voted for. Even after the winner is announced. Not even if you promise to not tell anyone else. Not even if you beg. It’s a secret.

You Can Drink Too Much Water. Apparently. WFAA reported last night that Terry Schuchany ended up in ICU at Baylor Medical Center Dallas after overhydrating while working out – a condition called hyponatremia. The condition looks a lot like dehydration in its early stages, so I don’t know what to tell you other than stay inside and huddle on your couch until November 15, when it might be cool enough to exercise outdoors again.

Rival Drug Dealer Is 911 Caller. Dallas Police Chief David Brown said Thursday that police have determined that the 911 call that set into motion the events that led to James “G-Code” Harper’s death was made by a rival drug dealer, who called in a fake plea for help to ensure a bust of the South Dallas house.

SMU Football Players Stiff Prostitutewho then allegedly burgles them.

White Rock Lake Area Cat Burglar Strikes Again. A stealthy burglar targeting homes around White Rock Lake struck again this week apparently. A Lake Highlands family woke to find their car and several electronics missing from the home, breaking in through an unlocked back door. Police say nearly a dozen homes have been burglarized since March.


  • “SMU Football Players Stiff Prostitute” no pun intended, I’m sure..

  • JS

    Unless the rival drug dealer worked for Allstate, he was probably trying to ensure that the cops raided the house.

  • LisaS

    I do not understand why people still don’t lock all their doors. It is so automatic for me to do so. Always. In fact, my husband gets quite angry when I lock him out. I swear it’s not on purpose.

  • Spa Queen

    Following Frontburner this almost makes me believe that the almost-riot in Dixon Circle did not happen.

  • RossG

    SMU football and prostitutes. I thought this issue was put to rest, but it reopens the question, did Craig James kill five prostitutes while at SMU?

  • This also happened to us on July 1 around 4-4:30 AM. While my husband, my two small boys and myself slept upstairs, they (the police said this is a group doing this) came in through the back. They took power tools, electronics, my purse, keys and our Honda minivan. The police told me they have not seen this kind of MO and were very little help. There is video at 3 locations of a white female using my credit cards just minutes after the incident. I had to really push for the police to get a copy of. They told me last week they know who these folks are and had one in custody. They said they are selling everything in South Dallas.

  • ernest t bass

    Gurgles and Burgles: Monica Lewinski meets G. Gordon Liddy

  • lm

    Ladies, take your handbags to your bedroom at night instead of leaving them in the kitchen. And if you have an attached garage, don’t leave your car keys in the ignition.