Leading Off (7/10/12)

High-Speed Chase Goes Poorly for Perps. While trying to outrun a Dallas County Sheriff’s deputies, hitting speeds of 90 mph, a driver switched places with his passenger. So when the duo was caught in Oak Lawn, they were both charged with evading arrest. I’m trying to imagine how that conversation went. “Oh, man, I’m really tired. You mind taking the wheel here for a bit?”

Mosquitos Under Attack in Coppell. Police were called by an apartment complex manager in Coppell when he discovered a suspicious device. Residents had to be evacuated. And then the true nature of the device was revealed. It was a mosquito trap.

Neiman Marcus Teams Up With Target. The two retailers have announced that for the holiday shopping season they will share a limited collection of merchandise created by designers such as Tory Burch and Carolina Herrera. And, yes, the stories I had to choose from for this morning’s Leading Off were pretty lame.


  • D. Shapiro

    Coppell’s been using those trap for years in parks and public areas. They’re triangular prism shaped. Bright orange. And if I recall, say “mosquito trap” on them somewhere. Or at least they used to. I hope they didn’t start using the less popular design of a metal pipe with two end caps and a small fuse. Takes care of the mosquitoes in the immediate vicinity, but isn’t a very efficient trap.