Jane McGarry Cops To Driving While Intoxicated

Jane McGarry has broken her silence. From about five minutes ago on her Facebook page:

I pleaded no contest to a Class B misdemeanor charge of driving while intoxicated. I apologize for my irresponsible behavior and am grateful that the police did their job and no one was hurt. Blood alcohol tests showed my blood alcohol level was .11, which is over the legal limit, and therefore I should not have been driving. I have paid a fine of $1,200, will be on probation for 18 months and will participate in at least 40 hours of community service. I am deeply sorry for making such a terrible mistake and pledge it will never happen again.

Now that the matter has been resolved, it will be interesting to see if NBC Channel 5 puts her back on the air.

UPDATE: McGarry resigned today after 30 years at NBC 5.


  • cbs

    I love you jane.

  • Moron Dog

    Do you want some of this?

  • Urban dweller

    Channel 5 sucks without her. They need to get her back on the air asap. Her commenters read like a bible study/ AA combo of F.Book friends. She should have never admitted to the few glasses of wine. I doubt she was knee-walkin’ drunk. Get over it people.

  • For the record, I think McGarry got a raw deal here. I’m assuming — as I’m sure we all are — that McGarry was forced to resign. In other words, she was fired. In my book, you don’t get fired for getting a DWI. Not if your job is talking on television.

    Full disclosure: I got a DWI in 1994.

  • Helen

    I agree with Tim. My best to her, wherever she is.

  • DC

    100% disgusted by this.

  • Fake Uncle Walter

    But you do get fired if you have a big contract, you’re not #1 in ratings, you are in an image business and you get a DWI. Which is the real story.

  • elena34

    I had a feeling that prior to this incident, she was going to be gradually shown the door. TV is a tough business, and this put all of the odds completely against her.

    I just wish that she could have gone out on a better note.

  • amanda

    That was a very well done statement. I wish more public figures would follow suit. It may not have been the sole reason for her “resignation,” but it didn’t help.

  • marisa

    Elected officials do MUCH WORSE and are still in office collecting that pay check. She is the only good female news reader in DFW. Sorry to see her go.

  • Bill & Beth Akins

    To Tim’s point, she talks on television. I vacillate as to whether “the image business” is either completely ridiculous or mildly absurd when it comes to news anchors. I shouldn’t need to care if you’re trustworthy or drank a bit too much on your drive home if you properly read the TelePrompTer. Read the news – I care not for personalities. This is why, I suppose, I like BBC news on the radio or I read the news online. It’s time for the news personality boomerang to start coming back the other way.

  • Jackie

    I think she is a great news anchor and while driving while intoxicated should never be taken lightly, it happens and if anything it shows it can happen to anyone at any age. I sincerely hope NBC5 did not force her resignation but that is my gut feeling, and that is wrong if it is the case.
    Team Jane!

  • Kk

    Team Jane as well. This, her first arrest, Should not have been a firing offense, especially considering her years of solid work. Will they replace her with a hot young, shapely Barbie-caster? We shall see.

  • Headline is a Lie

    Exactly how is pleading No Contest “copping” to it??

  • Paul


    A hot young, shapely Barbie-caster will not find shaving remarkable and will have 30 cheaper health insurance years ahead of her, not behind her. The most widespread, if invisible, discrimination these days isn’t against blacks, Hispanics, gays, or women, it’s against the no longer young.

  • beccalyn

    I’ll miss Jane. I don’t even tune in to any newscast on NBC because all of them are horrible right now. I’ve been watching a lot more of Fox 4.

  • Sotiredofitall

    Likely the corporate drones wanted to go younger hipper and this gave them an excuse. Still sucks

  • @Headline is a lie: I’m not sure why I need to do this, but I’ll do it anyway. McGarry wrote on Facebook: “I apologize for my irresponsible behavior and am grateful that the police did their job and no one was hurt. Blood alcohol tests showed my blood alcohol level was .11, which is over the legal limit, and therefore I should not have been driving.”

    Does that not qualify as copping in your book?

  • Jane did far less damage than Bush/Cheney and they got to keep their gigs.

    I say a drunken Jane is better than no Jane at all.

  • bev

    I am just thinking she was drinking and driving and so that is against the law. When you are in the public eye you need to think about what you are doing. You just are not a good role model doing what Jane did and I am sure she had that in her contract, she just didn’t think she would get caught like lots of people. I never cared for her reporting and now that she is gone I watch 5 news!

  • David

    Will be interesting to see what the future holds for Jane. Not that many anchor positions (at least locally) to pick from. I doubt she’d want to start at the bottom, either, doing the Sunday morning news or late, late night recaps of the 10pm news.

    I think a good use of her talents would be in a Bobby Wygant-type of role. She has extensive interview experience, and a good on-screen persona. Wish the best to her, wherever she lands. If indeed she desires to jump back into the media circus.