Frisco Discovery Center’s Brazilian Blowout

The Frisco Enterprise reports on a chance for women to spend a night away from home with the girls:

Women looking for a fun event supporting local artists will soon get their wish. On July 28, the Frisco Discovery Center invites women 18 years and older to the second annual Brazilian Blowout: Girls’ Night in Paradise, an event celebrating the arts in Frisco.  ….

The women-only event will also feature a fashion show by Blue Door Boutique, a psychic reading, salsa-line dancing, a Title boxing demonstration, photo booth and a feature presentation of the movie “What Women Want.”

“It is a local, safe venue to do a variety of women-only activities and support local businesses and art,” Prater said. “This is only our second annual Girl’s Night Out event, but so far the ladies love the variety of activities and shopping offered and the chance to get away with their girlfriends.”

The event will serve exotic Brazilian food and drinks, such as empanadas, pulled-pork sandwiches, Brazilian coffee cookies, margaritas and Brazilian lemonade.

So that’s what ladies like to do when they leave us men behind? Watch a chauvinist Mel Gibson while enjoying exotic pulled-pork sandwiches and margaritas?


  • Stacy L.

    This holds absolutely no appeal for me whatsoever

    I am intrigued though, that the event is spotlighted as being “safe”…safe from what?

  • Teo Soares

    Mel Gibson is not Brazilian. Neither are margaritas. Nor are empanadas. I am, though, and I’m also a guy, which may explain why I don’t really understand any of this.

  • When I saw “Brazilian blowout,” I got a little excited because I thought it was going to be some kind of mass waxing session. I am not kidding. Especially when I read that attendees have to be 18 or older and that men aren’t allowed.

    I challenge the Frisco Discovery Center to take this event to the next level.

  • TLS

    Tim – A Brazilian blowout is a chemical treatment to make one’s hair on their head smooth and silky for 3-4 months. It is not a Brazilian wax.

  • Kk

    Terrible movie starring a terrible man. Who chose the crappy entertainment? Ick.

  • Rangers100