Former Mayor Tom Leppert’s House For Sale

Tom Leppert doesn't go for understatement, his home theater will attest.
Tom Leppert doesn't go for understatement, his home theater will attest.

Candy’s Dirt is reporting that the house of former Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert, at 9525 Alva Court in Preston Hollow, is now on the market for $5,695,000.

No word yet on whether this means Leppert’s fleeing the city after his lackluster performance in the Republican primary for the U.S. Senate earlier this year.

I was blown away by the design of his home theater, which at least seems consistent with his personal fashion sense.


  • Good grief. That is one tacky media room. It looks like an 8-year-old boy designed it.

  • Tom

    Needs more pinstripes to be Leppert-worthy.

  • GMOM

    Who threw-up on the carpet????

  • Bruce W.

    @Tim Agreed!

  • GMOM

    Who threw-up on the carpet???

  • Dallasphotog

    Wow! I mean Wow! That theater would be awesome…at a Chuck E. Cheeze…

  • critic

    Tom L messed up the Dallas skyline with his LED lighted convention hotel and know he is working on his Leppert Colony in Preston Hollow.

  • Sotiredofitall

    Ugly carpet for a carpetbagger

  • marisa

    Who was high when this room was designed?

  • Wylie H.

    I suspect he’s moving on to his next gig– perhaps heading back to one of his former residences: Hawaii, New York, Los Angeles, Washington… he’s rarely stayed in one place for long.

  • RAB

    Meanwhile, it’s on the Dallas Central Appraisal District tax rolls at $4,361,800. Tom Leppert was formerly the Mayor of this fair city, so obviously he wouldn’t lie about that. Clearly, Candy Evans must have been mistaken on the asking price.

  • Wm B Travis

    Sheriff Bart!

  • Joy

    Dear Tom and Tom’s Wife: Real movie theaters have ugly carpet because the designers expect them to have cokes spilled everywhere. You OTOH have no excuse. Do the next owner a favor and recarpet now. (Same goes for the sconces, ceiling design and wood “decor.” Ditch it all.) Also, four chairs?

  • Regarding the chairs, I don’t know how Tom Leppert feels about his wife, but I like sitting next to April when we’re watching a movie. Those chairs don’t look like they could fit two (comfortably). I’m a little out of the loop, but is this how wealthy people watch movies at home? If so, you’re doing it wrong.

    And sweet Jeebus, what is on those walls?

  • Wylie H.

    @RAB – Back when Leppert was Mayor, he managed to get his home’s appraised value reduced by 15%. Paying property taxes on fair market value is only for the little people.

  • LJT

    Yikes…looks like what I would imagine the gang at MST 3K would have to sit in to endure the craptastic films they were forced to watch. That is God awful.

  • Local Realtor

    Please, please, please don’t link to Candy’s Dirt. You know better than anyone that she gets it wrong ALL the time. I mean, seriously, didn’t you guys fire her for that? And yeah, that room’s really ugly.