Forbes Says Dallas is the 4th-Coolest U.S. City

It’s been a banner week for Dallas.  First we learned that our city is the greatest in the world, by far. Now those cutting-edge hipsters at Forbes magazine have declared it the fourth-coolest city in the United States. They claim to have factored in entertainment, arts, and dining options. Plus diversity, unemployment rate, and the numbers of young adults and net migration in the last year.

But they also ranked Houston as the coolest city in America. So, yes, I just wasted your time with this post.

(On the bright side, they put those snobs down in Austin in their place. Only ranked it 19th, behind most of the other major Texas cities, including Fort Worth.)


  • CSP

    I hadn’t seen Houston win anything in a long, long time.

  • Alexander Muse

    I lived in Houston for eight years and visited the city earlier this month. Today I live in Dallas and have been here for sixteen years. I can only assume that the writer of the story never actually visited the city. While it looks good on paper, in person it is an absolute armpit. Simply comparing Dallas versus Houston on a ‘coolness’ scale it wouldn’t even be close. Looking at the two cities from a business perspective I would have to say Dallas is better for technology companies and Houston is better for oil and gas companies. But, me and you talking, I am not sure Dallas should be in the top five coolest cities in the US. But if you take in account a number of factors Dallas would be at the top of my list – I guess it would because I choose to live here.

  • RAB

    Plus, Dallas has me and Houston doesn’t.