Forbes Lists Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers Among World’s Most Valuable Sports Teams

Forbes magazine ranked the world’s 50 most valuable sports franchises, and your Dallas Cowboys came in tied at No. 3 with the New York Yankees, both teams valued at $1.85 billion.   Two of those European clubs that play that sport where matches are allowed to end in scoreless ties finished on top.

Much of the praise for the Cowboys from the Forbes staff was directed the team’s Cash-Cow-Death-Star:

Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones is a master salesman and has attracted the NBA All-Star game, the Super Bowl, a Manny Pacquiao fight, soccer matches, concerts and more to Cowboys Stadium since the $1.2 billion venue opened in 2009.

Mayor Robert Cluck of Arlington may be sending a correction letter to Forbes staffer Kurt Badenhausen, who says in the video above (skip to the 1:51 mark) that Jerry Jones financed the building of Cowboys Stadium “almost entirely himself.”

I realize that the stadium cost about $1.2 billion and the city of Arlington kicked in only $325 million, but that’s still about 27% of the cost.

Also making the list, at No. 50, are the Texas Rangers, whose recent increase in value (to a more modest $674 million) is tied both to record attendance this season and last, but especially a hell of a sweet TV deal with Fox Sports Southwest.


  • Sybils Beaver

    Fraudulent list. How can they value the dodgers at 1.4 billion when they just sold for over 2 billion? would that now be the value of the franchise, I mean someone actually paid real cash for them as opposed to paper value of these other teams

  • PR

    Arlington chipped in $325 million, not $425 million.

  • @PR: That’s what I get for being overly confident in my own memory. You’re right, of course. Fixed.

  • PR

    @Jason — no problem. And Jerry didn’t pay the difference. The NFL has special financial incentives for teams who build new stadiums.

  • Gerald Saul

    @ Sybils: Didn’t the Dodgers deal include some ancillary items, like parking structures and land near the stadium? Perhaps Forbes is not including that when they value franchises, though stadiums obviously are.