Downtown Arlington T-shirts Are Cool, Available

In the current issue, Zac and I conspired to make fun of downtown Arlington’s new logo (right). The conceit we came up with was that, sure, the logo isn’t exactly awe inspiring, but you should have seen the logos they turned down. We generated a few examples. Or, rather, we generated ideas for a few examples. Then we got someone else to draw em up. You’ll have to pick up a copy of the magazine to see them all, but I turned two of my favorites into t-shirts that you can buy on Cafe Press (if I set this thing up properly). One reads “Downtown Arlington: The Paris of I-30.” You can get it as a ringer t-shirt (shown) or as a traditional t. The second shirt reads “Downtown Arlington: Suck it, Grand Prairie.” Again, it comes in a ringer version or traditional (shown). First person to buy one and then take a picture wearing the shirt in downtown Arlington gets our undying admiration and maybe even your pic on this blog.



  • downtown_worker
  • Wes Mantooth

    Downtown Arlington: Not the Worst Place to be Stranded.

    Downtown Arlington: Street Minstrel Free Since 1966!

    Downtown Arlington: A Boondoggle Born Every Minute!

    Downtown Arlington: Not Snooty like Uptown Arlington.

  • I bought the “Paris of I-30” t-shirt. It should arrive in a week or two.

    “Downtown Arlington: Not Snooty like Uptown Arlington” Nice.

  • Brandon

    Downtown Arlington actually has the potential to be a really cool spot one day. Destination restaurants, live music etc.

  • DGirl

    Shoot. I just shot my wad on a Temple: It Doesn’t Suck t-shirt.

  • JasonM

    Let’s see… out of the new restaurants they tout, there’s a Grease Monkey burgers, which is unique to Arlington. OK, it’s not like burger places are scarce in any corner of the Metroplex, but hey, it’s a calling card.

    Then there’s a Fuzzy’s (27 locations in DFW), a Babe’s (9 locations in DFW), and a Mellow Mushroom (3 locations in DFW).

    Pro sports and UTA aside, I still don’t see any reason for non-Arlingtonians to make the trip here…

  • Re: Brandon, I completely agree with you.

    Re: JasonM, make the trip for dinner at Potager, corned beef from J.R. Bentley’s on St. Patrick’s Day (served once a year), a full order of Irish potatoes at J. Gilligan’s on a Tuesday night–when they have an Irish jam band playing, and the Maverick pizza at Old School. Make the trip for Johnnie High’s Country Music Revue at the Arlington Music Hall.

  • Downtown Man

    Downtown Arlington: Gateway to Kennedale

  • Jeff

    Fort Worth Weekly responds with slogans for downtown Dallas:

  • So hilarious!!!!! You know some Arlington-ites are going to buy those and wear them with pride!
    Thumbs up to the design spoof

  • Joy

    Instead of the Tour de Eiffel, it should be the Oil Derrick at Six Flags.