Video of Bill Fong’s Big Bowling Moment

In the July issue of D Magazine, I wrote a feature about Bill Fong’s amazing night of bowling, more than two years ago. He’s been bowling for most of his life, but that night, at the Plano Super Bowl, Fong set the Texas record for a series (three consecutive games of bowling). After two 300s, he rolled a 299, missing the perfect series by the last pin on the last roll of the night. Deadspin picked it up this weekend. You can read the entire story here.

Above is video, taken by a cellphone camera, of Fong’s last three rolls of the night. As you can see, the last roll looked so good coming off Fong’s hand, some people are already cheering.


  • Tish

    That was an excellent read. Never thought I’d enjoy a bowling story so much. Kudos.

  • dk

    I thought the same Tish, found myself reading the whole thing and I hate bowling. Made my subscription to D worth it this month.

  • DGirl

    Great article – congratualtions, Michael. I hope you win a National Magazine Award so you can have the chance to redeem D magazine for Tim’s lame acceptance speech.

    Great issue, DFolks, all the way around.

  • Bigsplit

    I’m torn between declaring that his last ball is proof that there is a mean Godof Kegling who lives on the well-oiled lanes or that this is as bad as watching Bill Buckner miss that grounder over and over again…..