Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: June 13

The Ewing clan. Ready for primetime?

Right, so, everyone knows that Dallas is happening. Including my faraway friend Pam, who has claimed on more than one occasion to be named after Pamela Ewing:

Pamela: ew
me: no, the show
Pamela: I know, that’s what I was ewing
Pamela: HAHA
Pamela: ewing

Tonight, you have a couple of options for watching TNT’s two-hour premiere that do not involve your couch. Please join FrontRow at the Texas Theatre, where you can revisit Larry Hagman’s scene-stealing swagger and meet the next generation of Texas oil rich–J.R.’s son, John Ross (Josh Henderson) and Bobby’s adopted son, Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe–according to Pam, this show is going to get canceled after one season on account of his eyebrows). Spoiler alert: these two boys do not get along. The Dallas City Council just approved a $1.2 million production grant, though, so hopefully Pam’s weirdo prediction won’t come true.

Remember what the original Dallas taught us–trust no one, especially your own flesh and blood. Judging from the lukewarm initial reviews, I’m curious if this might have been better if the producers had just gone for it and rebooted the original series, rather than sticking us with this apparently doofy next generation. Time will tell. Watch FrontRow for recaps from the excellent Terry Linwood, Jeopardy! champ and Dallas expert.

Just a word of warning, though, if you do make it out to Oak Cliff and you’re, you know, not white. A non-Caucasian friend has been harassed outside the Texas Theatre twice in as many weeks by as many as five fine representatives of the Dallas Police Department. They didn’t accuse him of stealing his own car, but they did take his phone, read his text messages, make fun of his cream-colored cardigan, and ask him if he wanted to be “locked up with all the gangsters” they had just put in jail. Nice.

Also tonight, Broadway veteran and powerhouse vocalist Idina Menzel appears in concert with the Dallas Pops at the Music Hall at Fair Park. Yes, okay, you might have seen her on Glee. But come on. Forget that “Poker Face” duet, listen to “Take Me Or Leave Me.” She’s best known for originating the role of Maureen in Rent (she reprised it in the movie) and her stirring, green-tinged turn as Elphaba in Wicked. Don’t worry–”Defying Gravity” is never not on the set list.

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