Now Accepting Nominations for 10 Most Beautiful Women in Dallas 2012

The 10 Most Beautiful Women in Dallas 2011 (photography by Matthew Shelley)

Welcome back to the 10 Most Beautiful Women in Dallas competition. Today is Day 1 of the nomination phase. For those of you who already know the drill, get to nominating here. If you’re new to this annual celebration of beauty, here’s how it works:

You send us all the beautiful women in your life by filling out nomination forms (one per nominee). On Friday, June 29, we’ll stop accepting nominations and narrow the list down to 20 lovely ladies who will be featured online. Voting ensues. A batch of five women will be available each week for your click of approval. The twelve with the most votes will make it to the final round for one last week of voting. The top 10 women will be featured in a gorgeous spread in the December issue of D Magazine. (Check out last year’s feature.) So, go ahead. Nominate your hot mom, beautiful sister, goddess girlfriend, etc. We’ll be waiting for them.


  • J bennett

    Not a lot of diversity in that photo!

  • Daniel

    J bennet, what part of “token” don’t you understand? Plus, did you know some of these women work tirelessly to help the poor, elderly and functionally wall-eyed, literally never sleeping? They’re not just pretty faces, but successful heart surgeons who learned Korean and Dutch, climbing that there K2. I say they’re amazing!

  • mynameisbill

    @Daniel….I heard they also took part in the assassination of Osama bin Laden.

  • Serina Renae is the most beautiful lady in Dallas she needs to be in this contest you can find her at club avenu in Dallas cocktail and vip mgr

  • Daniel

    Please watch your language, Mr. Enriquez. Some of the posts on FrontBurner can be a little cockamamie, I’ll grant you that, but this is a family-friendly blog.

  • Dubious Brother

    D Diversity – The May issue of D Magazine tackled the diversity issue head on with the article “The Perception Problem” subtitled “Why young black professionals are still wary of Dallas.” See page 85.

    Then on page 93 there is a “special advertising feature” titled “Best Lawyers in Dallas” which included pictures of 70 of the supposed best lawyers in Dallas which included 56 white men and 14 white women.

  • milk&cookies

    Does any other American city have such a goofy
    event? Umm don’t think so. Time to grow up.

  • foolish

    I like turtles!

  • Samantha Cox

    I agree, not enough diversity! I mean, only TWO blondes?! Such an injustice. Great job as always, Raya.

  • Spencer

    Interesting….4/10 of the women pictured are women of color (lol). Just shows that sometimes you don’t really know what you are seeing.

  • Kay

    I actually see at least five women of color. As Spencer said, you Never know. 😉

  • Afton

    All I see is 10 beautiful women. 😉

  • chandra

    Not enough diversity !!!!!! Only in Texas!!!!!

  • cory

    Not saying there not beautiful but top 10 in Dallas. I don’t think so.

  • betsy ross

    When do you start on 2013 and maybe a link to the form. Thanks b